Can I Donate Eggs If I Have a Fertility Problem?

21st December 2017 in Egg Donation

If you have a problem with your fertility, it doesn’t automatically mean you can’t be an egg donor. Many of our egg donors are women who are having IVF themselves at our Chesh...

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Egg Donor Success Stories: Join Us in 2018

14th December 2017 in Egg Donation

Well done to all Manchester Donors egg donors! You’ve helped create many happy families this year – we’re celebrating consistently strong pregnancy and birth rates across 20...

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Donating Eggs to Your Partner or Someone You Know

7th December 2017 in Egg Donation

Egg donation doesn’t always happen anonymously to someone you don’t know. We often help women donate to friends, family or even their partner through ‘shared motherhood’ or...

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Egg Donation Process: How We Co-ordinate Egg Donation

30th November 2017 in Egg Donation

Timing is everything when donating eggs to help maximise pregnancy chances for your recipient – so how do we make sure everything happens at exactly the right time? It takes con...

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Why Do You Want to Donate Eggs?

23rd November 2017 in Egg Donation

Donating your eggs is one of the most amazing things you can ever do.  But don’t be surprised if we ask you exactly why you want to donate eggs. It’s something egg donor Elai...

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Asian, Black African, Caribbean and Chinese Egg Donors Needed Now

16th November 2017 in Egg Donation

Did you know that some women face a wait to have a baby using donor eggs, just because of their ethnicity? Whilst we don’t have a waiting list for Caucasian donor eggs, we urgen...

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