3 Things to Know About Egg Donor Screening

All Manchester Donors egg donors undergo health screening – but do you know what it involves?

Here are three key things to know about egg donor screening and what can affect your eligibility to donate:

We check your fertility

We will assess your fertility right at the start of the process to make sure you are suitable to donate. We look at key factors such as your ovarian reserve or AMH level, and key fertility hormone levels through blood tests. Your results will help us to understand your likely ovarian response, so we can assess if egg donation is right for you.

We assess lifestyle, BMI and overall health

Your lifestyle and health matters when you donate eggs, because it doesn’t just impact egg quality but can also affect your wellbeing during your egg donation journey. Things like a high BMI for example can mean you do not respond as well to fertility medications. To be an egg donor you must be a non-smoker or have quit at least three months ago, have a BMI within 19-29 and not had a tattoo or piercing in the last six months.

We test for infections and diseases

It is very important that your donated eggs are safe for your recipient to use with no risk to her health or that of any baby she has. We test for transmitted infections and diseases and certain genetic conditions. We also review your family medical history – which you need to know or can find out - to check for any pattern of genetic or hereditary conditions.

Egg donor screening questions & support

If you want to know more about egg donor health tests and screening, talk to our Donation Team on 0161 300 2734 or email donate@manchesterdonors.com. You can also learn more about the process of egg donation and read our FAQs.


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