5 Reasons Why You'd Be A Good Egg Donor

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Do you have what it takes to be an egg donor? Egg donors are very special individuals who are prepared to give the chance of a baby to someone who can’t conceive.

Whether you’re just curious about egg donation or are giving it serious thought, in our experience as an award-winning egg donation programme, here are some of the main qualities that make a great egg donor:

You’re generous and altruistic: You have to have an altruistic nature to even consider egg donation or egg-sharing, where you donate eggs as part of your own IVF cycle. Egg donation is the most personal gift you can give.

You’re in demand: We welcome egg donors of all ethnicities, as many women seek an egg donor of the same ethnicity and culture. So we particularly need egg donor applications from women who are Chinese, Asian, African Caribbean or Black, or who have a particular heritage such as Jewish. We’re highly sensitive and respectful at all times to our egg donors’ individual faiths and beliefs.

You’re in good health: Good health is crucial for egg donation. We can’t accept women as egg donors who currently smoke, or who have a high or very low BMI, due to the effect on eggs and fertility. We have a responsibly to ensure the donor eggs we offer to patients give them the highest chance of pregnancy.

You’re motivated and committed: Although the actual egg donation process takes only a few weeks once you’ve been matched with a recipient patient, it’s important to consider the additional time needed to complete all the necessary pre-donation screening, tests and counselling. We do everything we can to make egg donation work around you and your daily life.

You’re not fazed by the medical aspects of egg donation: Taking fertility medications via self-injection is part of the egg donation process, as is a short procedure to recover eggs for donation. Don’t worry about these aspects, we provide injection teaching so you feel confident and perform egg recovery in our clinic theatre under the care of an anaesthetist, so you’re safe and comfortable at all times.

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