All About Egg Donor Consent Forms

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Your consent forms are one of the most crucial parts of being an egg donor, as without these, egg donation can’t happen.

Your consent forms have to be completed in order for your egg donor cycle to start. They’re legal documents, so you’ll be taken through these very carefully by our team as part of the process.

By signing your consent forms, it shows that you understand what’s involved and agree to your responsibilities as an egg donor now and in the future.

Here’s a basic overview of what the forms cover so you know what type of information and detail to expect:

Use of your eggs: You’ll give your consent that your retrieved eggs are for donation and can be used for fertility treatment to help others conceive.

Traceability: You understand that donor-conceived people have the right to access information about you when they turn 18 via UK fertility regulator the HFEA, and consent to your updated details being held on its Register for the foreseeable future.

Anonymity: That anonymity is intact between donor and recipient. The person using your eggs will not be given any identifying information about you. And you will not be given any identifying details about her.

10-family limit: That you have the right to set a limit on the number of families your donated eggs can create. By law your eggs can be used to create a maximum 10 individual families only. Our egg donors are usually happy to create as many families as they are legally allowed to. Sibling children created within families don’t count towards this limit.

Legal parenthood: You understand that you’re not the legal parent of any child born and have no parental or legal rights or responsibilities.

Donation results: That you are entitled to find out the results of your donation. You can be told the year of the baby’s birth and its gender.

Consent support

Consent has to be informed and given freely so we’ll make sure you completely understand all the details in your consent forms before you sign them. We’ll clarify any aspects you aren’t sure about or don’t understand.

Implications counselling also forms part of our informed consent process. Counselling is mandatory for egg donors and ensures you fully and completely understand all the implications of egg donation now and in the future, so you know what you’re consenting to, and are happy to go ahead, when you complete your forms.

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We’re a National Gamete Donation Trust Centre of Excellence for egg donation, so you can be assured that our processes and procedures for egg donors, including consent, are of the highest standard.

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