Are You Mentally and Emotionally Ready for Egg Donation?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

When it comes to egg donation, your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical health.

Because being an egg donor isn’t just a matter of meeting certain criteria and going through the donation process.

It can be an emotional journey too, and it’s why we’re as concerned with how you feel about egg donation at Manchester Donors as we are with your physical suitability.

You’ll find mental wellbeing support is a crucial part of being an egg donor with us. It includes:


Counselling isn’t just concerned with explaining your rights as an egg donor, the rights of donor-conceived children and your recipient. It’s also about considering and talking through your own personal feelings too.

All women feel differently about egg donation and for many, it’s the ultimate personal act of altruism that carries great emotional significance.

You’re entrusting us with your eggs and the gift of life you’re giving, so it’s natural to take great interest in how your eggs are taken care of in our lab, how they’re used in treatment and whether they result in pregnancy and a baby.

Our counsellors will help and encourage you to really think about being an egg donor and all its different outcomes, in particular if you need IVF yourself and are donating eggs through egg-sharing as part of your cycle. So you’re emotionally prepared and ready.

Personal support: Donation Team

How you’re treated as an egg donor means everything – how you view egg donation, how you can look back on it, and whether it’s the positive and rewarding experience it should be. 

At Manchester Donors you’re not ‘just an egg donor’ to us, you’re our patient and will receive the same exceptional care as those we help to have a family, including a consultant-led egg donation path.

Our personal support and care are just some of the reasons we’re still one of the only egg donor programmes in the UK to meet the strict standards of the National Gamete Donation Trust’s Centre of Excellence award scheme for egg donation.

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