Does Donating Eggs Affect Your Fertility?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Would you like to donate eggs but are concerned about the impact of egg donation on your fertility and ability to have a baby in future?

Studies have shown that your own fertility isn’t likely to be affected if you become an egg donor. In a Belgian study of 60 women who donated eggs, almost all later became pregnant within a year of trying to conceive, without the need for any fertility treatment intervention.

The main risks of egg donation are developing Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), or infection following the egg collection procedure.

At Manchester Donors, your fertility health is protected and carefully monitored when you donate eggs with us to minimise risk to you and prevent any complications.

Tailored medication protocols

Egg donation involves using the same fertility drugs that women take for IVF. Proven to be safe, these drugs are given using only the minimal doses tailored exactly to you, to ensure a safe ovarian response. Some women are very sensitive to these medications, and it’s when the ovaries over respond and produce too many eggs that Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome develops.

Your risk of OHSS with Manchester Donors is very effectively eliminated or significantly reduced through our tailored protocols and careful monitoring of you throughout stimulation phase.

Our aim is not to ensure you produce lots of eggs, but small numbers of quality eggs for donation, safeguarding your own health and wellbeing.

Our thorough screening process allows us to identify if you’re at risk of OHSS, and if a revised medication protocol would allow you to be an egg donor.

Egg collection procedure safety

Collection of your eggs takes place in our sterile clinic theatre environment. Performed by our fertility specialists under ultrasound guidance, we also give all egg donors antibiotics post-recovery, to further minimise any risk of infection that occurs with any minor procedure.

You’re only discharged from our recovery ward once we are happy that you are well, with our full emergency contact details. We’ll follow-up with you in the days after your egg recovery, to check you feel well and have no concerns.

Become an egg donor in Manchester and Cheshire

You can donate eggs through our programme altruistically for £750 compensation, or you can donate eggs as a Manchester Fertility patient if you need IVF, through an IVF egg-sharing cycle. As an egg-sharer, your IVF cycle is offered at a substantially reduced cost.

If you have any questions, our dedicated Donation Team is happy to help on 0161 300 2734. If you’re ready to be an egg donor, apply online here – it only takes a few minutes to complete our simple form.

Or you can come and meet us at the Fertility Show Manchester, 25-26 March. Book your tickets here.


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