Donate eggs: Help men to become Dads

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Donor eggs aren’t just needed by women – they can help guys to become fathers too.

Donor eggs are needed by single men and men in same-sex relationships, who want to have children with the help of a surrogate.

Using donor eggs in surrogacy

When donor eggs are used in surrogacy, it’s through ‘host’ or gestational surrogacy. Donated eggs are fertilised by sperm from the intended father, and the resulting embryo is transferred to the surrogate in the hope it implants and she becomes pregnant.

The surrogate will carry the baby and give birth, but unlike the father she has no genetic link to the baby.

Surrogacy is the only way for single men and male couples to have children, and host surrogacy using donor eggs is the preferred option of surrogates who don’t want to use their own eggs, but still wish to help others have a family.

Being chosen as an egg donor for surrogacy

Every patient who needs donor eggs has their own ‘wish list’ of qualities they want their egg donor to have, and for male couples and single guys it’s no different. When you donate eggs you’ll complete your pen picture and goodwill message, and this is what we use to match you to all the people looking for donor eggs.

Anyone who comes to us for help to have a baby through surrogacy, whether they’re in a relationship or not, have to be in the process of finding their own surrogate before we can find them an egg donor match. Their surrogate may be a family member or friend, or someone they’ve found through an organisation such as Surrogacy UK.

Donor Eggs: Helping to create all kinds of families

When you donate eggs to Manchester Fertility through our award-winning Manchester Donors programme, it means we can help people in many different circumstances to become a family.

Same-sex couples male and female, couples with fertility issues, single women and single men - although all these family units are made up differently, they may all need an egg donor to make it possible to have a child.

We welcome everyone at Manchester Fertility who needs our help to have a baby, no matter what their relationship status or sexual orientation. So you can be sure your donated eggs will make the biggest difference to the widest range of patients when you donate to us.

Donate eggs in Manchester and Cheshire with Manchester Donors

If you’re aged 18-35 and would like to help someone have a baby, as an altruistic egg donor you’ll receive £750 compensation per donation cycle, with the reassurance of consultant-led, safe care backed with the personal support of our dedicated Donation Team every step of the way.

If you yourself need IVF, you can choose to donate eggs as part of your cycle through egg-sharing, where your IVF is offered at a much-reduced rate.

Have a chat to our friendly Donation Team to discuss your options on 0161 300 2734. Browse through our egg donor blog, read our FAQs and explore the process of egg donation with us.

If you’re ready to apply, complete our no-obligation, preliminary application form online.


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