Egg Donation Considerations: 5 Things to Think About

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Here are five key things to think about if you’re considering donating eggs, as it does need careful thought because of its implications.

We’ll provide you with the highest level of personal support at Manchester Donors to help you decide if egg donation is right for you. A National Gamete Donation Trust egg donor Centre of Excellence,  we’re committed to your care, so you’re completely prepared to be an egg donor in every way – physically, emotionally and mentally.

1. Your health suitability

You need to be healthy and have a BMI within the ‘normal’ range of 19-29.

BMI limits are in place because if your BMI is too high or too low it can affect your fertility, egg quality, whether egg donation is successful and could put you at increased risk of complications.

You also need to be a non-smoker – including no use of e-cigarettes - or have quit at least three months prior to joining the donor programme.

2. Medications

Being an egg donor means taking fertility medications through self-injection. There’s no need to worry about this. As we will give you all the help you need including injection teaching and support so it’s stress-free.

3. Future contact

You can find out if a baby is born through your egg donation and may one day even be in contact, if that person decides to find out who you are.

All donor-conceived people have the right to find out via the HFEA who their egg donor is, when they turn 18, if they wish to know. You’ll be carefully counselled about this as part of the process.

4. Egg donor rights

When you donate eggs, you’re helping someone achieve a pregnancy so they can have a family of their own. You’re not the legal parent and have no moral, financial or legal obligations.

5. Support

You’ll have our dedicated Donation Team at your side throughout your egg donation journey, together with our fertility consultants, nursing team and counsellors. You’ll have a whole team of people supporting you at every stage, so you enjoy a safe and rewarding experience.

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