Egg Donation Process: How We Co-ordinate Egg Donation

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Timing is everything when donating eggs to help maximise pregnancy chances for your recipient – so how do we make sure everything happens at exactly the right time?

It takes considerable teamwork and careful co-ordination for treatment with donor eggs to be successful for both you as the donor and the woman using your eggs.

Not only do we have to ensure you have enough mature eggs ready to donate, we also have to make sure your recipient’s uterus is ready to support an embryo.

Egg donor fertility medications and monitoring

All of this is achieved through precise timing and the use of tailored fertility medications, which are used in different ways for both you and your recipient.

As the egg donor, your medications stimulate your ovaries to mature multiple eggs, so they’re ready for collection and use in your recipient’s fertility treatment.

For your recipient, her medications encourage her lining of her uterus to grow as it would when conception happens naturally, so an embryo can successfully implant.

You’ll both be carefully monitored by our team during these stages. We need to check you’re not over-responding to your medications, a condition known as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, and to also pinpoint when your eggs have reached maturity.

What happens on egg collection day

On the day your mature eggs are collected, your recipient’s partner, if she has one, will provide his sperm sample. Otherwise, donor sperm can be used to fertilise donated eggs.

The eggs are then monitored for signs of fertilisation and growth, with the best resulting embryo transferred to your recipient a few days later in the hope it implants and she becomes pregnant.

If multiple good embryos are available, your recipient can choose to freeze them for future use, in case treatment doesn’t work or she wants to have another baby which would be a biologically-related sibling.

Freezing donated eggs

If you’re not matched with a recipient, your eggs may be frozen. They’ll be stored in our donor egg bank, and offered with immediate access to women looking for donor eggs who want to try for a baby straight away with no delay.

Egg donation results

We’ll be able to tell you how many eggs you’ve donated to your recipient, and later on if she becomes pregnant and goes onto have a baby. You can be told the gender of the baby and year of birth. So you always have the opportunity to find out, if you want to know, the results of your egg donation.

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