Egg Donation Safety: What You Need to Know

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Is egg donation safe? We will talk you through the safety and possible risks of egg donation as part of the application process, before your donation cycle begins.

Here’s what you need to know about egg donation with Manchester Donors, and how we ensure your wellbeing:

Donating eggs safely: Why Manchester Donors

Manchester Donors is one of the UK’s most successful and experienced egg donor programmes with an exceptional record of egg donor care and safety.

Each of our donors has consultant-led care, which means every stage is personalised to you.

This includes:

Pre-donation health check: We will make sure you are healthy and well enough to donate eggs when you apply, including checking your BMI. You cannot donate eggs if your BMI is below 19 or above 29, as it can increase your risk of complications and affect the way you respond to fertility medications.

Personalised drug dosage: Your fertility medications and exact dosage is always tailored to you for a safe and effective response.  Your consultant will make a decision on the medication which is suitable for your donation cycle.

Monitoring: You will be carefully monitored throughout the egg donation process by our team, to check that you are responding well to the medication.

Egg collection procedure: You will be looked after by a dedicated and expert theatre team, including anaesthetists and nurses. Egg collection is carried out under careful ultrasound guidance by a fertility consultant.

Follow-up: You will be given full post-procedure support on our ward including antibiotics to prevent any infection. Before you go home you will be given full discharge instructions and our 24/7 emergency contact details in case you have any questions or concerns.

Egg donation & side-effects

Not all women donating eggs experience side-effects. If you do, they are usually very mild and temporary.  There is no scientific link between significant long-term health problems and egg donation.

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You can also read the experience of one of our egg donors, to learn more about the donation journey with us.

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