Egg Donor Online Application: Key Stages of the Egg Donation Process

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

You’ve completed your Manchester Donors online egg donor application form. What happens now?

Our Donation Team explains the key parts of the process that we’re most often asked about, so you know what to expect - from your consultant appointment to being compensated for your eggs:

Application review

Our Donor Programme Assistants will review your application and we’ll come back to you within a few days to advise if we’re able to take your application forward.

If we can, you’ll be booked in to come and see us for an informal chat about egg donation and for your initial urine and blood test screening.

This appointment isn’t any kind of formal ‘interview’, it’s only so we can explain a little bit more to you about what being an egg donor involves, and so we can make sure you’re able to donate eggs and are healthy enough to do so, before you proceed any further.

If you’re not suitable to proceed, there could be any number of simple reasons why- it doesn’t mean you’re infertile. You might be a smoker, your BMI may be too high or you may be too old (you must be aged 18-35 to donate to us). Or you may not know - or be able to find out - any of your family medical history.

Your health and wellbeing are paramount to us, you’ll never be allowed to proceed as an egg donor if we think there’s a chance your own health may be compromised.

Meeting a doctor

You’ll see one of our friendly fertility specialists as part of the egg donation process. This appointment is an opportunity for us to go through your medical history with you, to identify any genetic or hereditary conditions that could be a possible risk to the person who uses your eggs, or the child she has.

This appointment isn’t anything to be daunted by. Remember you’re giving the greatest gift possible – the hope of a child – and so you’ll always be treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity by all our team.

You can ask any questions at all that you have, no matter how silly you may think they are – we are here to help reassure and support you every step of the way.

Taking fertility drugs

The egg donation process involves you taking specific fertility medication, tailored to you. This is through injection, which you complete at home. Don’t worry about knowing how to inject yourself – you’ll be given detailed, practical teaching by our nurses about how to do it. Many women like us to also show their partner, so they can help to administer the medication.

The egg recovery procedure

It’s normal to feel anxious about the egg recovery procedure, but you’re in safe hands throughout. Egg recovery takes place in our clinic theatre, under the guidance of our professional and qualified theatre team.

Under light sedation, your eggs are gently and carefully retrieved, at no discomfort to you. You’ll be told straight away how many eggs you’ve donated, before being taken to our private ward to be looked after by our Fertility Nurses. You’ll be given thorough follow-up care, including our emergency phone numbers, and you won’t be allowed to leave our clinic until we’re happy that you’re ready and well.

Receiving your egg donor compensation

You’ll receive your £750 compensation soon after your donation by bank transfer or cheque. This isn’t payment for your eggs, it’s money to compensate you for any expenses you’ve incurred as an egg donor with us, such as travel expenses. This amount is set by regulatory body the HFEA, and is the same at every UK fertility clinic that has an egg donor programme to keep egg donation an altruistic act.

Discover for yourself why so many women decide to become Manchester Donors egg donors. Read about the different stages of the egg donation process, our FAQs and browse our regularly-updated blog resource.

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