Making Egg Donation Work Around You

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

When you donate eggs you need to make a number of clinic visits, but at Manchester Donors you will not be inconvenienced.

That is because we make the egg donation journey work around you and your daily life. Here’s how:

A personalised egg donation process

When we welcome you as an egg donor you get your own individual egg donation pathway, that includes tailored appointments too. So you do not need to worry about egg donation affecting your plans.

We will always take into account any existing work, study, family or holiday commitments you may have during the process, when planning your journey.

Convenient opening times

Our Cheshire-based clinic is open from early until late, including weekends, so you can make clinic appointments for when you are most available.

Online sessions

We have minimised the number of clinic visits you need to make by making parts of the process remote. Your counselling session is usually carried out online when it suits you, via Skype with one of counselling team.

How long does egg donation take?

The egg donation process from your first appointment to egg collection takes around three months.

Do not worry about whether you can commit to donating eggs or not. We will always streamline the process for you as much as we can.

We will have an informal chat with you about the process and talk you through each stage and typical timescales once you have applied, including how we can factor in any commitments you have.

Egg donors also receive £750 time and expenses compensation per cycle, which covers any costs you may incur through donating to us.

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