Making The Egg Donation Decision: Help & Support

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

If you’re thinking of being an egg donor, you need support to help you decide if it’s right for you.

This support comes from talking with family, friends, clinic staff - and our professional counsellors.

At Manchester Donors counselling isn’t just something that’s included in your donation journey because it’s a mandatory requirement according to HFEA regulations. It’s one of our biggest priorities.

Here’s what you need to know about our counselling for egg donors:

Impartial, expert support

Our friendly counsellors are part of our clinic team but are completely impartial. They are not here to influence your decision to donate in any way, but to answer any of your questions and carefully and thoroughly explain all the social and legal implications of egg donation for you now and in the future. So you can make an informed decision with no pressure.

When counselling happens

Counselling happens in the very early stages of the egg donor application process, way before egg donation actually happens. This is to make sure that you’re 100% comfortable being an egg donor before you proceed any further.

Who can come to counselling

If you have a partner, they’re also invited to counselling. This is so you both have the opportunity to talk through how you feel about egg donation, separately or together.

Who are our counsellors?

Our counselling team are all British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) accredited and qualified and have vast experience in all forms of counselling with families, couples and young people. They’ve been supporting Manchester Donors egg donors for many years, and you can see them as often as you wish to.

Where counselling happens

Your counselling sessions usually happen over Skype, for your convenience and so you can talk to your counsellor from the comfort and privacy of your home. We do many sessions with potential egg donors this way, as we welcome women from all across the North West and UK into our donor programme through altruistic donation or egg sharing. If you’d prefer to come into our Cheshire clinic, this can also be arranged.

If egg donation isn’t for you

It’s ok if you decide after counselling that egg donation isn’t the right thing for you to do. This is what counselling is designed for and why it’s so important. It’s vital that we only accept you as an egg donor if you’re truly happy to donate and fully understand the long-term implications, for you, the person using your eggs and the child they may have.

Talk to us about egg donation

If you’d like to be an egg donor with Manchester Donors, have a no obligation chat to us on 0161 300 2734. You can also apply online. We’ll review your application and be in touch.


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