Why Do You Want to Donate Eggs?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Donating your eggs is one of the most amazing things you can ever do.  But don’t be surprised if we ask you exactly why you want to donate eggs.

It’s something egg donor Elaine Chong highlighted this month, when she shared her London-based egg donation experience with BBC Online.

Although she wasn’t a Manchester Donors egg donor, she was also asked this very important question by a number of people throughout the process.

So why are we so concerned with the motivations of potential egg donors? We don’t ask this question to ‘catch you out’. And we’re not looking for a specific ‘right’ answer.

Donating eggs for the right reasons

We ask why you want to donate eggs because as an ethical, responsible and award-winning egg donor programme, it’s our job to make sure that each and every one of our egg donors is donating for the right reasons.

We ask all egg donors – altruistic egg donors, egg-sharers who need IVF, women donating to friends through known donation or their partners through Partner IVF.

Egg donation is a big decision. It’s not one that should be motivated by financial gain to get the £750 compensation egg donors receive. Or to access reduced-cost IVF for yourself through egg-sharing. Or because you feel obliged to help someone you know.

Support for egg donors: Informed consent

Understanding your motivations is part of the informed consent process. We have to be sure that you’re fully aware what donating eggs really means for you and all those involved – existing partner, children, even wider family members – so you’re under no doubt about what you’re consenting to.

It’s why we offer one-on-one personal support from our dedicated Donation Team, implications counselling and consultant-led care for all our egg donors.

Confident and safe egg donation with Manchester Donors

Learn more about donating eggs with Manchester Donors, where you can look forward to a tailored donation journey that focuses on your wellbeing and exceptional donor care.

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