Why Do You Want to Donate Eggs?

23rd November 2017 in Egg Donation

Donating your eggs is one of the most amazing things you can ever do.  But don’t be surprised if we ask you exactly why you want to donate eggs. It’s something egg donor Elai...

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Egg Donation: Why Every Woman Should Consider Becoming an Egg Donor

23rd September 2016 in Egg Donation

If you’re aged 18-35, you could give the ultimate gift and become an egg donor. We’re urging all healthy young women to consider egg donation – the demand for donor eggs is r...

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Egg Donation: The right drugs protocol for you

24th December 2015 in Egg Donation

When you donate eggs, did you know that you actually undergo the same procedures as women who have IVF? Egg donors and women undergoing IVF all have ovarian stimulation, followed b...

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Chinese, Asian and African-Caribbean egg donors wanted in Manchester and Cheshire

12th January 2014 in Egg Donation

At Manchester Fertility our location in Cheadle, Cheshire, means we have a diverse range of communities on our doorstep within Greater Manchester and beyond. We welcome patients f...

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Could your donated eggs be used in new '3-person' IVF technique in future?

10th July 2013 in Egg Donation, News

A new IVF technique which could prevent a range of inherited diseases has been backed by the Government – meaning the UK could become the first country in the world to allow a ...

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