Could You Be An Egg Donor?

28th October 2018 in Egg Donation

If you have ever thought about being an egg donor – or know someone who has donated or shared eggs  – you might be curious to know if you can do it too. Here are the three ma...

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Why Smokers Can't Be Egg Donors or Egg-Sharers

15th March 2018 in Egg Donation

Do you know that smoking is one of the top reasons why women are prevented from donating eggs or egg-sharing, even though they meet the age and health requirements? It’s nationa...

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All about Egg Quality & Egg Donation: Why it Matters

11th January 2018 in Egg Donation

Ever wondered why the age limit for egg donation is 35? Lots of women have children after this age, so why is it so restrictive? It’s all down to egg quality. Together with the ...

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Is Egg Donation Size Discriminatory? Why Your BMI Matters

25th May 2017 in Egg Donation

Egg donation has higher and lower BMI limits – but there’s a lot of misunderstanding about why this is the case. To donate eggs, you need to have a BMI within a range of 19 to...

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Egg Donation: Why Egg Donor Criteria is so Strict

5th January 2017 in Egg Donation

Did you know that there’s an age cut-off for egg donors? Or that you can’t be an egg donor if your BMI is high? Many women are surprised to learn that they can’t be an egg d...

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Egg Donation: Your FAQs

7th September 2016 in Egg Donation

Have you ever thought about being an egg donor? We’re one of the UK’s most successful and trusted egg donation clinics, with an award-winning egg donation programme. We don’t...

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