Donating Eggs for Reduced-Cost IVF: Egg-Sharing FAQs

12th January 2017 in Egg Donation

Would you donate some of your eggs to our donation programme as part of your IVF cycle? Egg-sharing IVF gives you cheaper private IVF treatment with our fertility specialists for ...

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Manchester Donors: Excellence in Egg Donation in the North West

25th November 2016 in Egg Donation

If you’d like to donate eggs in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool or in the North West, you’ll have a choice of fertility clinics to donate to.  But whilst each may have an egg...

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Donate eggs for cheaper private IVF treatment

18th November 2016 in Egg Donation

We’re often asked if it’s possible to become an egg donor if you need IVF yourself. The answer is yes – and in return, you’ll receive your cycle of private IVF with us at a...

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All about intra-partner egg-sharing

8th September 2014 in Egg Donation

If you’re in a same-sex relationship and want to have a baby, did you know that you can donate your eggs to your partner and our egg donor programme so you receive your fertility...

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Asian egg donors wanted

14th June 2013 in Egg Donation

Could you be an egg donor? Rising numbers of Asian women are seeking our help to have a baby and need a donor egg to have their family. These women – along with many others - ne...

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Egg Sharing at Manchester Fertility

29th April 2010 in Egg Donation, Fertility, News

North West infertility clinic, Manchester Fertility is offering couples reduced rate IVF through a new scheme which aims to help women who need donor eggs. The new egg-sharing prog...

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