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Why Be An Egg Donor? Great Reasons to Donate Eggs

29th June 2017 in Egg Donation

Why do so many women decide to donate eggs to help a stranger conceive a baby? Especially as it’s a process that takes a lot of time and commitm...

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Donate eggs: Help men to become Dads

22nd June 2017 in Egg Donation

Donor eggs aren’t just needed by women – they can help guys to become fathers too.

Donor eggs are needed by single men and men in same-se...

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Egg Donor Diversity: All Women, All Backgrounds

8th June 2017 in Egg Donation

At Manchester Donors we strive to raise awareness of the need for egg donors, in particular amongst our region’s ethnic and religious communitie...

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How Are Egg Donors Matched With Patients?

5th May 2017 in Egg Donation

Being chosen as someone’s egg donor is one of the best parts of the egg donation process. But how do we match you with patients who need donor e...

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Who Are the Women Who Donate Eggs?

27th April 2017 in Egg Donation

What type of woman donates her eggs to help someone else have a family? At Manchester Donors we welcome women from all walks of life who wish to be eg...

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Are you the ideal egg donor?

31st March 2017 in Egg Donation

What type of woman is the ‘perfect’ egg donor? You may assume that to be accepted as an egg donor, you have to meet certain beliefs relati...

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Donate Your Eggs: Your Tailored Egg Donation Journey

16th March 2017 in Egg Donation

At Manchester Donors egg donor care is our passion. We’re dedicated to ensuring that for all of our egg donors, egg donation is something they&r...

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Different Ways to be an Egg Donor

2nd February 2017 in Egg Donation

Did you know there’s more than one way to become an egg donor in Manchester and Cheshire?

At Manchester Fertility, through our Manchester Donor...

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Manchester Donors: Excellence in Egg Donation in the North West

25th November 2016 in Egg Donation

If you’d like to donate eggs in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool or in the North West, you’ll have a choice of fertility clinics to donate ...

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Why Are Egg Donors in Demand?

11th November 2016 in Egg Donation

Thinking about becoming an egg donor? Then you’re probably also wondering who might want to use your donated eggs to have a baby.

Women need do...

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