Do Egg Donors Get Paid?

Egg Donors receive £750 in compensation

Increasingly, we hear women ask our team ‘do I get paid for egg donation?’. And the answer to both is the same: you don’t get paid for ‘egg donation, you get compensated for this amazing act of kindness.

You’re helping another person to have a child, and for that, you’re compensated in accordance with the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) guidelines. After all, egg donation is one of the most meaningful and altruistic acts a woman can do.

Our donors come from all walks of life, and each has the same commitment to help others create life – goals and values we all share. So, while we do get asked questions about payment for egg donation, almost all our donor applications come from the desire to help someone else achieve their dream of having a family.

To protect donors, the HFEA sets out rules that determine how donors are compensated. This is to cover travel costs, loss of earnings, and any expenses for your commitment, kindness and empathy for giving the gift of life.

Here, we explain why amazing women donate their eggs, and how much compensation is offered to those who go through the journey.

Why donate your eggs?

Having a family is life changing, and that’s what you’re doing, changing lives. Through your kindness, someone has the chance to create and care for a child of their own. And to truly bring home the significance of that sacrifice, we have some great donor stories from some of our amazing donors that have compassionately donated with us.

"It’s such a rewarding feeling that you get from it, and it’s something that not many people can do. You’re physically giving others the chance to have a family of their own; what else could possibly be more rewarding than that!"
Amelia, Egg Donor

To begin, you can apply to donate through a short application form online here. If you’re aged between 18 and 35, and would like to help make a difference to someone's life, this could be something to look into to see if this is for you. From there, we offer an initial telephone appointment and blood tests. Then, you’ll have expert counselling with one of our qualified donor counsellors. They’ll talk you through the process and answer your questions, so you can be sure that becoming a donor is the right decision for you.

Counselling is an important part of egg donation and counsellors are there to look after you and help take you through the implications of egg donation. Your appointments will last for around 45 minutes, and, as each counsellor is fully qualified, they’re there to provide all the support and information you may need from the very beginning.

Why are people compensated for their donation?

Donating your eggs is a selfless act made by people who want to help others who cannot have children biologically. After their donation, egg donors are compensated a sum of £750 for their time and expenses.

Of course, women don’t typically donate for the compensation. Helping others realise their dream of having children is often the sole motivator. It’s an incredible commitment to creating life, and illustrates the humanity that we share. But, not all eligible women are located close to clinics, can afford to take time away from work, or have ready access to childcare, so it’s necessary to offer a means of supporting their journey to donation.

"It is an amazing opportunity to help make someone’s dreams come true. The process is really easy with a great team of supportive professionals."
Sarah, Egg Donor

Until 2011, altruistic egg donors were offered a maximum of £250 per cycle (a donation cycle is one complete round of treatment, at the end of which the eggs are collected and donated). Since then, the HFEA has addressed that egg donation is a valuable and unselfish act, and changed it to £750.

What is the HFEA?

The HFEA regulates fertility clinics and projects that involve research with human embryos. They make sure these facilities comply with both the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) Act 1990 and the HFE Act 2008.

Donating is a big decision, and it’s thanks to the HFEA that the amazing women who donate are fully aware of how serious that choice is.

It’s also because of the HFEA, and the clinics they work with, that egg donors are well represented.

Help others with Manchester Donors

At Manchester Donors, we’ve been caring for altruistic women for over 35 years. In that time, we’ve prided ourselves on having been a core part of their journey – from initial care to seeing the beginnings of many beautiful families they’ve helped create.

Our expert team of donor medical specialists, donor-focused counsellors and dedicated donation team really understands what it means to give a family your eggs. Thanks to this team, we’re able to offer such a high standard of expert care and support at all stages of the process, support is at the heart of everything we do and providing the best medical care from our clinical experts. It’s an award-winning approach, and we’re honoured to be recognised for the exceptional support we give.

If you’d like to know more about what it takes to be an egg donor, what the egg donor process is, or how an altruistic person like yourself could become a donor, you can speak to Steph and Olivia in our dedicated Donor Team on 0161 300 2734, or fill in an application form.

Here, we’ll ask questions about your age, your medical history, and if you smoke, as this is all important for our criteria. Find out more about it in our FAQs section.


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