Why Are Egg Donors Needed?

Some women aren’t able to conceive without the help of treatment with donor eggs. For many women and families, the only chance they have to become a  parent is through the selfless acts of amazing egg donors.

And that’s where Manchester Donors can help. Our award-winning and friendly egg donor team supports altruistic women on their donation journey.

If that sounds like something you think you could do, you’ve come to the right place as our medical experts have been looking after donors for over 35 years. We’ve listed the reasons why egg donation is needed here, as well as how donors can help others achieve their dream of having their own family.

Age-related fertility issues

An increasing number of women are now choosing to start a family later in life, at a time that’s more appropriate for them. However, as women get older their eggs can decrease– usually around the age of 35. That means they’re less likely to be able to get pregnant naturally.

There are other challenges that come with attempting to start a family in your late 30s, such as a reduction in egg quality and issues with your chromosomes. For example, the risk of having a child with Down’s syndrome is around 1 in 1,480 for women at age 20. At age 40, this risk increases to 1 in 85.

Thanks to the remarkable decision our incredible donors have made, women who need egg donors are now able to have the family they’ve dreamed of.

Difficulty with ovulation

Women with conditions like endometriosis can struggle to conceive naturally. The same is true for those who’ve experienced menopause earlier than expected and so are unable to produce their own eggs.

Menopause can occur in women aged 45–55. However, some women -may stop producing eggs as early as their twenties. This can be because of many different factors such as autoimmune disease, chromosome abnormality, or even a hereditary condition.

For these women, egg donation is one of the only options to have a child. And by donating, you’d be providing someone with the opportunity to have their own dream family.

Risk of hereditary conditions

Genetic conditions can also have an impact on people’s fertility. Those with cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and sickle cell disease, among others, may not be able to conceive. They might also prefer not to use their own eggs to prevent the baby developing their condition.

That decision is always a difficult one, and it really emphasises the need for egg donors. Thanks to donors’ selfless acts of kindness, people needing donor eggs can embrace the sweetest moments of parenthood without the fear and anxiety of their child inheriting diseases that might be in their family history. It’s through egg donation that they get a chance to receive this precious gift.

Hear these inspiring stories from our amazing donors

Our donors come from all walks of life - all with the same desire to help other women and with something in common - great kindness, empathy, and commitment to giving the gift of life; They might inspire you if you are thinking about becoming an egg donor.

“Unfortunately, a very close family member struggled to start a family of their own and I wanted to help them in any way I could, so I began to look into various clinics.

Manchester Donors stood out the most for me, not only because of their efficiency in responding to any questions and concerns I had but because of their warm and friendly staff, who honestly could not do enough for me. The staff here are amazing at their jobs. They made me feel like family!”

Read Ellie’s full story here.

“I had decided that I didn't want a child of my own but felt that there are people out there who really do and may struggle. I did a bit of research and discovered egg donation. I listened to some podcasts, read articles and really made sure it was something I wanted to do. I then decided to go for the first step of consultation and tests to see if I was eligible. After my first donation, I decided to go through with another donation.”

Read Frances’s full story here.

"It’s such a rewarding feeling that you get from it, and it’s something that not many people can do, your physically giving others the chance to have a family of their own; what else could possibly be more rewarding than that!"

Read Amelia’s full story here.


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