Where Are Our Egg Donors From?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Although Manchester Donors is a Cheshire-based egg donor programme and donor egg bank, we don’t just welcome local women as egg donors.

Women come from right across the Northern region to donate eggs to us, from Liverpool to Lancashire, Stockport to Stoke-on-Trent and beyond.

Many of our egg donors actually travel considerable distance to donate eggs to us. Here’s why:

Award winning egg donation

We’re the only fertility clinic in the North to have achieved Centre of Excellence status from the National Gamete Donation Trust. No other egg donor programme or fertility clinic in our region has this award, and it’s a major reason so many women make the effort to come and donate to us.

The award is your official guarantee that you’ll only ever receive the highest standards of personal care during your donation journey, from a team dedicated to responsible and safe egg donation and your needs at all times.

Egg-sharing IVF: Pregnancy for egg donors

We have a highly successful egg-sharing programme, with strong pregnancy rates for those donating eggs as part of their IVF cycle and for their recipients too.

Many women do choose to travel to us for egg-sharing IVF instead of using a local clinic, thanks to our consistent success rates, advanced technologies and techniques and our personalised, transparent approach to fertility care.

Strong success for donor eggs recipients

Women also choose to donate eggs to us because they’re reassured of our strong pregnancy rates for those who use donor eggs, and know we’ll do everything we can to ensure their donation effort is worthwhile.

We’ve been helping women have families with the help of egg donors for many years, giving us unrivalled expertise and success in this very special way to have a family.

Donate eggs to Manchester Donors

See if you’re able to donate eggs with us and explore the stages of egg donation to learn how it works. If you’re outside of our region, we’ll streamline the process as much as we can to make it convenient for you.

All altruistic egg donors receive £750 compensation for time, travel and expenses per donation cycle. If you need IVF and wish to egg-share, you’ll receive subsidised private IVF.

Have a chat to our friendly Donation Team to discuss your options on 0161 300 2734 or apply online to be an egg donor with us.


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