How Egg Donation Helps LGBT+ Families

30th May 2024 in Egg Donation, News

This year, in honour of LGBT+ History Month, we wanted to celebrate the way egg donation, and our incredible donors, impact the lives of LGBT+ people. While also sharing helpful in...

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Support systems for egg donors: Navigating the emotional aspects of donation

13th May 2024 in Egg Donation

Donating your eggs to help someone become a parent is an incredibly altruistic act of kindness. However, such a decision requires careful consideration, especially when it comes to...

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Your Journey to Egg Donation

3rd April 2024 in Egg Donation

At Manchester Donors, we’ve been supporting donors through the process of donating their eggs for more than 35 years. We're proud of our work and always grateful to those who wan...

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Do You Get Paid For Selling Your Eggs In The UK? | Manchester Donors

3rd April 2024 in Egg Donation

At Manchester Donors one of the most common questions we’re asked is how much money you receive from selling your eggs? We explain all about donating eggs in the UK here.

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Where to find our new UK egg donation clinics

14th March 2024 in Egg Donation, News

We have exciting news for altruistic women who want to make a difference. Having worked with egg donors in the North West for over 35 years, we have expanded our service reach to s...

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Expanding our Reach: New Egg Donation Clinics Open Across the UK

5th February 2024 in Egg Donation, News

The team here at Manchester Donors, one of the most established egg donation clinics in the UK, are proud to announce the opening of several new egg donation clinics in Manchester,...

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