Egg Donation: Why is Egg Donor Criteria So Strict?

27th March 2023 in Egg Donation

Egg Donors are integral to the work we do at Manchester Donors - and thanks to our donors, we've been able to help countless people across complete their families since our opening...

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5 Things to Consider Before Donating Your Eggs

23rd March 2023 in Egg Donation, General

Our mission at Manchester Donors is to ensure potential donors like you have all the information needed to make fully informed decisions about your egg donation journey. This inclu...

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Egg Retrieval

22nd February 2023 in Egg Donation

If you've been considering egg donation but feel a little intimidated by the egg retrieval process, such as how it's done or what it feels like, then you have no need to worry! Our...

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How Egg Donation Helps LGBT+ Families

8th February 2023 in Egg Donation, News

This year, in honour of LGBT+ History Month, we wanted to celebrate the way egg donation, and our incredible donors, impact the lives of LGBT+ people. While also sharing helpful in...

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Egg Donor Profiles: How to Write Your Pen Picture

17th January 2023 in Egg Donation

After you've donated your eggs, you will be asked to produce a 'pen picture'. We ask that you consider it a portrait containing the basics of what makes you unique and your well-wi...

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Make Egg Donation Your New Year’s Resolution

22nd December 2022 in Egg Donation, General

A New Year’s resolution is an incentive for many to change their lifestyle for the better. Each year countless people commit to improving their diet, exercising more, quitting sm...

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