Where to find our new UK egg donation clinics

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

We have exciting news for altruistic women who want to make a difference. Having worked with egg donors in the North West for over 35 years, we have expanded our service reach to support donors across Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands, in addition to the North West. If you are considering becoming an egg donor, this blog will give you information about the clinic closest to you, what happens at our clinics, and what to expect during your visits.

The Increasing Need for Egg Donation:

Some women aren't able to conceive without the help of donor eggs. For many women and families, the only chance they have to become a parent is through the selfless acts of amazing egg donors.

According to the latest HFEA statistics, 25% of patients said that they found it difficult to access donor eggs, sperm or embryos. To address this growing need and help make donating as easy as possible for potential donors, we now have clinics at convenient locations across the North and Midlands.

Our Locations:

Complementing our central headquarters in South Manchester, we've expanded our reach to include ten satellite clinics, which allow donors to attend screening appointments at their preferred locations. 

Satellite Clinic Locations:

After applying and talking about the process with one of our friendly egg donation assistants, you can book screening tests at the clinic closest to you. These will include booking you in for a blood test, urine test, and transvaginal ultrasound to analyse your anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) level and screen for nicotine, as egg donors must be non-smokers.

These screening steps can take place without visiting our Manchester clinic. Our expert team will be in contact to support you through the process, whichever clinic you attend.

Our satellite clinics are currently available in the following locations:

  • Blackpool
  • Chester
  • Derby
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool Central
  • Preston
  • Stoke
  • Wigan
  • York
  • Sheffield

Visit our contact us page for more information on clinic contact details and opening times.

Our HQ in South Manchester:

Our headquarters is based at Amelia House at Cheadle Royal Business Park in South Manchester. It is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built fertility clinic, designed with cutting-edge reproductive technology to create a stress-free environment. You can see our facilities in more detail via a virtual clinic walk-through.

You will attend our HFEA-registered clinic for the egg collection stage of your donation process, carried out by one of our expert fertility doctors. For your comfort, you will be sedated throughout the procedure, which will take place in the morning by a member of our specialist team. All our anaesthetists work within the NHS and specialise in sedation for fertility-related procedures. Due to your morning appointment, you won't require an overnight stay, and you can go home after a short period of rest and a check-up with our clinical team.

Located for your convenience, our clinic is easily reached by nearby motorways, train stations, and bus links, ensuring a seamless journey for our patients. We also have free car parking, complete with electric vehicle chargers, combining hassle-free accessibility with a commitment to environmental sustainability during your visit.

Liz Johnson, Senior Egg Donor Coordinator at our Manchester clinic, says:

"At Manchester Donors, we understand the significance of your compassionate decision to support hopeful parents. Our satellite clinics are positioned to ensure your convenience every step of the way as we recognise the importance of making the process as easy as possible for donors."

If you can conveniently travel to one of our satellite clinics and are considering becoming an egg donor, contact us to talk to our expert team. Our amazing Donor Programme Coordinators, Steph, Olivia, and Gina, are available today at 0161 300 2734. Alternatively, you can apply online at www.manchesterdonors.com/apply. The team would love to welcome you soon.



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