Can I Donate My Eggs More Than Once?

26th May 2022 in Egg Donation

As one of the county’s leading egg donation clinics, Manchester Donors welcomes women from all backgrounds who selflessly donate their eggs so that others can have a family of th...

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Becoming An Egg Donor: Why Your BMI And Health Matters To Us

4th May 2022 in Egg Donation

The women who choose to become egg donors come to us from all walks of life to help others realise their dream of starting a family. We’re honoured to support them on their journ...

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How does egg donor compensation work in the UK?

25th March 2022 in Egg Donation

Egg donors are among the most kind-hearted and selfless people, offering their time, and often personal sacrifice, to give the gift of life to others. The reasons for this compassi...

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Meet our expert donation team: Supporting our incredible egg donors

25th February 2022 in Egg Donation

Have you ever considered becoming an egg donor? You could be that special person to give someone a chance to reach their dreams of starting a family. Becoming an egg donor is one ...

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Is Your BMI Too High to Donate Eggs? Why Your Own Health Matters

2nd February 2022 in Egg Donation

Many factors affect your suitability to become an egg donor: your age, how well you might respond to ovarian stimulation, and even your health. Many of our donors are surprised th...

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Why You Should Donate Eggs in 2022

3rd January 2022 in Egg Donation

Donation of any kind is a beautiful, altruistic act. But egg donation has an extraordinary impact - it provides hope for future parents. The gift of life is invaluable; by donati...

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