Why You Should Donate Eggs in 2022

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Donation of any kind is a beautiful, altruistic act. But egg donation has an extraordinary impact - it provides hope for future parents. The gift of life is invaluable; by donating their eggs, our donors are enabling someone else to have a family of their own. 

Why might someone need my eggs?

Someone may require donor eggs to conceive for many different reasons. Some women cannot get pregnant because medical treatment such as chemotherapy has left them infertile. Others cannot conceive because of age-related concerns such as Menopause or Premature Ovarian Failure. With the help of our donors, these people have the chance to become parents. 

Reasons to be an egg donor

UK Egg donors are compensated £750 per donation cycle, but this is not the primary motivating factor for egg donation. Many of our existing donors have said the act of giving more than enough reward for the process. Here are just a few of the reasons why many women choose to donate to us:

  • The feel-good factor: Our egg donors say nothing is more rewarding than knowing they have helped someone to have a baby. It gives them an immense sense of pride.  
  • Empathy: Many women donate to us because they have friends or family who has suffered from fertility problems and would like to help people in similar situations.  
  • Children: Many of our egg donors have children of their own and would like to give this joy to someone else. 

Can you donate eggs?

To be an egg donor, there are certain criteria you need to meet, including: 

  • Be aged 18-35
  • Have a BMI range between 19-29
  • Be a non-smoker – or have quit at least three months ago
  • Know – or be able to find out – your family medical history as far back as your grandparents
  • Be willing to be identifiable to the children you help to be born

You can explore the criteria in full here.

How to apply to be an egg donor

Complete our online application or request a call back if you’d like to join the hundreds of UK women who donate to Manchester Donors. Our Donation Team will review your application and get in touch to advise next steps. If you want more information about being an egg donor, call our Donation Team on 0161 300 2734. You can also read our FAQs and learn more about the process.


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