Is Your BMI Too High to Donate Eggs? Why Your Own Health Matters

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

There are many factors that affect your suitability to become an egg donor: your age, how well you might respond to ovarian stimulation, and even your own health.

Many women are surprised that their own health matters when it comes to egg donation, especially regarding weight and BMI and the lifestyle choices you make:

BMI and egg donation

Having a BMI that’s too high is one of the most common reasons a woman can’t be an egg donor. This is because being overweight can affect your own natural fertility. This means that you might not respond well to the necessary ovarian stimulation that’s needed to ensure you have enough mature eggs to donate; the quality of your eggs may also be affected.

Being unable to donate eggs because of a high BMI doesn’t mean of course that you can’t have children yourself naturally, many women who can’t donate eggs because of a high BMI already have children.

So although it may seem unfair that you can’t donate, we have to maintain your own health, whilst also ensuring that we have quality donor eggs to offer our patients.

Egg donation and smoking

Being a smoker – including through the use of e-cigarettes - also means you can’t be an egg donor. If you’re trying to quit, you must not have smoked for at least three months before you apply to donate eggs to Manchester Donors.

Egg donation and lifestyle

It’s important that we minimise the risk of any infectious diseases from any source, so you must avoid getting a tattoo if you’re considering egg donation in the near future and not put yourself at risk of any STIs before or during the egg donation process. You’ll be tested for most common STIs and nicotine presence during your initial screening.

Why these factors matter

Our egg donors are special, generous women, who should only ever be in the safest of hands. At Manchester Donors we prioritise your own health throughout the donation process. You’ll never be accepted as an egg donor with us if we think there’s the chance your own health may be compromised.

This is why the criteria is strict, why the screening process is so thorough, why we monitor you throughout stimulation and why we place such emphasis on your aftercare.

You’re never just an egg donor to us. Find out why we’re the leading clinic for egg donation in our region: speak to our friendly team about whether you could donate eggs to our award-winning programme on 0161 300 2730 or read our FAQs for more details on egg donor criteria. You can also apply online to be an egg donor with no obligation.


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