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Have you ever considered becoming an egg donor? You could be that special person to give someone a chance to reach their dreams of starting a family.

Becoming an egg donor is one of the most selfless decisions a woman can make, which is why our compassionate, dedicated donor team are here to make your journey the best it can be.

Here at Manchester Donors, we understand that choosing to become an egg donor isn’t an easy decision, so it’s important to ensure you receive the highest standard of care and support at every stage of your egg donation process.

Women have chosen to donate with us for over 35 years. We have developed a passionate, knowledgeable team who understands every step our donors take which sets us apart from other clinics in the North West. We put everything into supporting and caring for our donors, which is why we are trusted by thousands of women who want to help others by donating their eggs.

How our dedicated Donation Team support you.

Our Donation Team is an experienced, caring and approachable team that solely cares for our egg donors and the families going through treatment with donor eggs. Our team includes a Donor Team Manager, Donor Programme Co-ordinators and Assistants, Healthcare assistants and highly-qualified Nurses. All of whom are incredibly knowledgeable in the donation journey.

Our Donation Programme Assistants
Our Donor Programme Assistants Steph and Olivia provide personal support to all our egg donors. They welcome and guide you through every step of the process, booking all of your appointments that are convenient for you. We always consider any existing work, study, family or holiday commitments that you may have during the process. They are also on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Steph says: "The Donation Team is a close-knit and dedicated team, which helps us to give a first-class experience for our patients and donors. I'm so proud that I can assist our donors; they are helping people to have a family, which is just so amazing."

Lead Nurse and In-clinic Fertility Nurses
Karen is our lead Nurse on the Donation team and has many years of experience building strong relationships with our donors and supporting them every step of the way. Karen has previously studied reproductive medicine research and has a background working at an IVF unit and performing embryo transfers and ultrasounds.

Alongside Karen, our in-clinic fertility nurses and healthcare assistants provide personal care during egg donor procedures and screening tests. The devoted team is by your side at egg collection and post-recovery, ensuring you are comfortable during this time. We can reassure you that you will be in capable hands with Karen and the team.

Our Donor Medical Specialists
During your donation journey, you will meet one of our expert donor specialists who are leaders in their field. They will discuss your family medical history with you and any tests you will need. Our expert works closely with the donation team to help plan your egg donation cycle tailored to you to ensure a good ovarian response and donation outcome.

Counselling is an essential and mandatory part of egg donation. It is required to ensure that you completely understand the implications of donating your eggs. Our friendly and helpful counsellors will discuss what being an egg donor means to you, answer any questions you have and support you.

Liz Johnson, Donor Team Manager at Manchester Donors, says: “We would encourage women from all walks of life, ethnicities, and sexual orientation, who are in good health, to apply to become egg donors. There are so many families and individuals who want the chance to be parents and turn to Manchester Donors for help.

We are always looking for incredible women who would love to help families dreams of having a child come true. If you think you would like to be an egg donor, we can offer the best patient care and guidance to help you feel as comfortable as possible.”

Our donors
All of our donors are altruistic amazing women; we have donors who may care for others either as a profession or are mothers themselves or they may know someone going through fertility treatment. But most of all, our donors have a giving and caring nature and simply love to help others.

"My whole experience with the Manchester Donors Team has been one with pleasure and ease. Everyone has been so wonderful and supportive, and anytime I had questions or concerns, the team has been quick to provide me with the information and make me feel at ease. Many thanks to everyone on the team." Molly

“Your team is amazing! The number of lives you must change by doing what you do is incredible, and I am proud to have helped with that not once but twice.” Amelia

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Women who become egg donors will receive £750 compensation. This covers any expenses for attending each appointment.

Click here to find out how egg donation works with us and egg donor eligibility. If you would like to apply, complete our simple, no-obligation online application form.


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