Why We Need UK Egg Donors - Not Donor Eggs from Abroad

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Why do we need UK egg donors, when donor eggs can be imported from abroad?

Many fertility clinics in the UK including here in the North West are resorting to using foreign donor eggs to help their patients, from places like the Ukraine.

But at Manchester Fertility we only offer UK donor eggs, from UK women - and for good reason. Here’s why egg donation in the UK is good news for both patients and egg donors:

Safe, regulated egg donation

All egg donation in this country is regulated by the HFEA, which means there are strict rules that apply for women who donate eggs and how they’re used.

These regulations mean our patients have the reassurance of quality donor eggs, and as an egg donor you have the reassurance of expert, consultant-led care that prioritises your health and your needs - including safe stimulation and implications counselling so you’re fully informed about your rights as an egg donor both now and in the future.

Identifiable egg donors

You’re an identifiable egg donor in the UK – which is great news for you, the person using your eggs and the child she has.

Your recipient will never know who you are, but you’re giving her child the right explore their biological origins – if they wish to know – when they reach the age of 18.

Women using eggs from abroad may be using a completely anonymous donor who’s unidentifiable, meaning a child will never have the chance to find out anything at all about their egg donor.

It’s why UK law was changed to remove anonymity, in the interests and wellbeing of donor-conceived people, and this guarantee of traceability is why many women want to use an egg donor from the UK.

10-family limit

A10-family limit applies to all egg donation in the UK, which means your eggs can only be used to create a maximum of 10 separate families. As the egg donor you’re entitled to find out when a baby is born, its gender and the year of its birth.

Donate eggs with confidence

Manchester Donors isn’t just a HFEA-regulated egg donation programme – we’re award winning too. We were the first egg donor scheme in the UK to be named a Centre of Excellence by the National Gamete Donation Trust, and remain the only fertility clinic in the North to have achieved this status.

Find out why we excel in egg donation and egg donor care and why so many women travel to us to donate eggs from across Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool and beyond.

If you’re aged 18-35, apply online to join us or learn about egg-sharing if you need IVF and want to help other women through egg donation at the same time. Have a chat to our dedicated Donation Team on 0161 300 2734.


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