All About Manchester Donors: Egg Donation in Cheshire

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

At Manchester Donors we are dedicated to egg donation. For over eight years we’ve been supporting women who wish to donate eggs, whilst raising awareness of the need for donor eggs and all the good egg donation does in helping people to have families.

As the egg donor programme of leading North West fertility clinic, Manchester Fertility, you’ll find that we offer a different egg donation experience. One that focuses on egg donor needs, offering the highest standards of personal care and emotional support throughout.

An egg donor programme where you always feel valued and treated with respect and dignity, rather than ‘just an egg donor.’

A scheme where you always know from the outset what happens during egg donation, any risks and your rights, so you can make an informed choice about whether egg donation is right for you. All with the support every step of the way of an experienced, professional team that genuinely cares about your wellbeing.

If you’re considering egg donation in Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool or beyond, here are some facts about Manchester Donors:

  • We offer consultant-led egg donor care – your donation cycle is carefully planned by our experienced fertility consultants to ensure your health and wellbeing throughout your egg donation journey 
  • Our focus is on donor egg quality not quantity. We do not use very high stimulation protocols. All fertility medications are tailored to you, combined with close monitoring, to ensure a safe response and quality eggs for donation 
  • Our established dedicated Donation Team is focused on personally supporting all our egg donors and our patients who need donor eggs 
  • When you apply to donate eggs to us you’ll be offered implications counselling by our experienced counsellors – so you can decide if egg donation is right for you. Your counselling can be carried out in our clinic or via Skype if that’s more convenient for you 
  • Our transparent policy means you’ll always know your rights concerning your donated eggs, and what’s expected of you as an egg donor, all explained clearly and simply 
  • All your appointments take place at our private Manchester Fertility clinic in Cheshire. You’ll be looked after by an experienced clinical team when you donate your eggs, with a private ward for your recovery and 24/7 helpline 
  • If you want to know, we’ll make sure you’re kept informed about pregnancy success using your eggs, and year and gender of any child born

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