Who Are the Women Who Donate Eggs?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

What type of woman donates her eggs to help someone else have a family? At Manchester Donors we welcome women from all walks of life who wish to be egg donors.

All have diverse backgrounds, education levels, jobs, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. Some have families already, others don’t have children yet. But all share the same incredible qualities of altruism, selflessness and generosity that it takes to be an egg donor.

When you join Manchester Donors, you’ll be part of an amazing group of UK-based women who have been motivated to donate eggs because:

They just want to help others

Many women decide to become egg donors because they have great empathy for women whose only hope of a baby is through donor eggs. They may have read about women facing long waiting lists for donor eggs in the media, and by donating eggs they alone can help and make a real, genuine difference.

Altruistic egg donors receive £750 compensation in recognition of the time, effort and commitment needed to be an egg donor.

They need IVF themselves and are happy to donate eggs

Egg-sharing is designed to help women who need IVF, and women who need donor eggs at the same time. It involves sharing half of the eggs retrieved during your IVF treatment cycle at Manchester Fertility with our donation programme.

So half of your eggs will be used by you in your treatment cycle, the rest will be donated by you to help other women. Eggs donated through egg-sharing go straight into our donor egg bank, enabling women who need donor eggs to start treatment straight away.

In return for your egg-sharing egg donation, your private IVF cycle is offered at a significantly reduced cost.

They are a same-sex couple and want Partner IVF

Many of our egg donors are in a same-sex relationship, and are donating eggs to share the experience of having a baby together. One partner undergoes IVF and has her eggs retrieved, whilst the other partner receives the resulting embryos.

In many cases, the partner whose eggs are being used is also happy to share her eggs with our donor programme, helping create her own family and that of others too.

They are donating eggs to help a friend or family member

Some of our egg donors are donating to a family or friend who needs donor eggs to conceive. Known donation is different than other forms of egg donation because the recipient is known to the egg donor. In all other cases, there is anonymity between egg donor and recipient. All parties are involved in the treatment process to ensure everyone understands their rights and what’s expected, including the need for legal advice.

Award-winning egg donation in Cheshire and Manchester

All women who donate eggs to Manchester Donors have to fulfil specific criteria relating to health and age, to safeguard not only our donors’ health but to give our donor eggs recipients the maximum chance of pregnancy.

Egg donor criteria includes an age range of 18-35, a BMI of between 19 and 29, a non-smoker (or quit smoking at least three months prior) and no family history of genetic or hereditary conditions.

If you meet the criteria, explore what the egg donation process involves. If you’d like to apply to our award-winning programme, fill in this simple application form and we’ll get back to you. Or have a chat to our friendly Donation Team on 0161 300 2734.


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