Can I Donate Eggs If I Have a Fertility Problem?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

If you have a problem with your fertility, it doesn’t automatically mean you can’t be an egg donor.

Many of our egg donors are women who are having IVF themselves at our Cheshire fertility clinic, donating eggs through egg-sharing as part of their treatment cycle.

But how can someone who needs IVF be a good egg donor? Remember that needing IVF isn’t an indicator of poor egg quality.

IVF was designed to overcome fertility problems caused by blockages in the fallopian tubes, which prevent sperm reaching the egg.

The types of fertility issues that may prevent egg donation would be those affecting ovulation or egg production.

I’ve had IVF before – can I donate eggs?

There’s no reason why you can’t donate eggs if you’ve previously had IVF, many women who choose to egg-share with us have had IVF before.

What’s important is that you respond well to ovarian stimulation, and so we’ll discuss any previous cycles you’ve had, and the outcome of these, during your medical review.

Egg donor screening – making sure you can donate eggs

We’ll check your suitability for egg donation when you apply. We’ll carry out a thorough health check including a review of your medical history, and a fertility assessment to examine things like your ovarian reserve.

You’ll only be allowed to donate eggs if we’re sure of a safe and positive outcome with no compromise to your own health.

Explore egg donation with Manchester Donors

If you’d like to donate eggs either altruistically or via egg-sharing if you need IVF, you must be aged 18-35 and a non-smoker, or have quit smoking at least three months prior to donation.

Explore the criteria in our FAQs. You can also contact our friendly team for an informal chat on 0161 300 2734.

If you’d like to apply to be an egg donor, complete our online application form.



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