Egg Donation: Maximising Your Health & Wellbeing

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

If you’re thinking about donating eggs, you may be worried about the risk of side-effects, or concerned that being an egg donor will negatively impact your own health or fertility.

At Manchester Donors, your health and wellbeing is paramount and our priority when you join our programme. Our first-class donor care at every stage is why we were named as the UK’s first ever Centre of Excellence by the National Gamete Donation Trust.

We were the first clinic in our region to have our own egg donor scheme, and have grown to become the clinic of choice for women in the North West who wish to become egg donors.

Our considerable expertise in informing and supporting women through the egg donation process has given us a unique understanding of your needs:

A team approach to your care

Although our dedicated Donation Team provides you with specific support, our entire clinic team works together to look after you. From first contact from our Donor Programme Assistants when you apply, to Counselling to ensure you understand the implications and specialised Nursing care once you’ve donated, our team approach ensures your health is prioritised throughout the whole process.

Monitoring your health: Using fertility drugs and OHSS

Egg donation involves stimulating your ovaries to produce mature eggs ready for donation. We use the same, safe drugs as we do for our IVF patients. One of the main risks of ovarian stimulation is a rare condition called OHSS – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome - which is when your ovaries over-respond.

We prevent OHSS from happening through careful monitoring and by tailored, personalised drugs protocols unique to each of our egg donors. By using the most appropriate dosage of hormones for you, we can reduce the risk of OHSS significantly.

Through regular blood tests and scans, we will see exactly how you’re responding.  We’ll be able to identify prior to the start of the process if you’re at risk of the condition, and whether a different drugs protocol means you can continue as an egg donor.

Egg retrieval & follow-up

Once your monitoring scans indicate your mature eggs are ready for collection, the retrieval is carried out safely and carefully in our clinic theatre by one our highly-trained team. We’ll be able to tell you straight away how many eggs you’ve donated, before you’re taken to our private ward under the care of our Fertility Nursing team.

You will only leave our care when we are fully satisfied that you are well, with full follow-up information and emergency phone numbers when you leave. So that if you are concerned in any way post-retrieval, we can provide immediate assistance, support and advice no matter what time of day or night.

Why donate to Manchester Donors

Find out why you’re in safe hands as a Manchester Donors egg donor, and why so many women trust us to donate eggs, both through altruistic donation or egg-sharing for subsidised IVF.

Contact our team on 0161 300 2730 and select option 3 to reach our dedicated Donation Team. Or you can apply online with no obligation. Read more about the egg donation process, along with the criteria to donate eggs to us.


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