Five Reasons You Should Become an Egg Donor

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

If you’re aged 18-35 and in good health, then you’re in demand. Egg donation is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do, but many eligible women aren’t even aware that egg donors are so badly needed.

With a choice of clinics to donate to, if you’re considering egg donation here’s why you should become an egg donor - and why you should choose the award-winning Manchester Donors programme:

Egg donation truly changes lives

Donating eggs gives someone the greatest gift they are ever likely to receive – the hope of a child. For many women, the only chance they have of having their own baby is to use donated eggs. If you were in this situation, wouldn’t it be amazing to know that another woman has stepped forward to help? As an egg donor you get to find out if a baby has been born using your eggs, the year of its birth and its gender. Egg donation does genuinely change lives – and it’s something you could do. Our egg donors say it’s ‘the most amazing thing they’ve ever done’.

No risk to your own fertility and health

Many women think about egg donation, but then don’t proceed any further because they worry about how it may affect their health or fertility. But any risks associated with egg donation can be effectively minimised.

At Manchester Fertility we only use tailored protocols for ovarian stimulation, combined with strict monitoring, that reduces any risk of side-effects such as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome considerably. Studies have also shown that egg donation doesn’t impact on your own fertility and ability to conceive naturally.

Our personal tailored approach is why we’re the trusted choice for egg donation in Manchester, Cheshire and across the North West. We take such good care of you, many women choose to donate to us more than once.

Egg donors are needed – in particular from ethnic groups

Age-related infertility and diagnosed medical conditions such as premature menopause are just some of the reasons a woman may need an egg donor. But in many areas of the UK, there just aren’t enough egg donors to meet demand, especially donors from ethnic backgrounds. Donor choices can be very limited for patients who are seeking donors with the same ethnicity as themselves, and they often face a long wait to start their family. Infertility affects everyone – regardless of race, ethnicity and religious belief. We need women from all walks of life to become egg donors, so we can help more people to become parents. You could be the egg donor someone’s been waiting for.

Compensation or subsidised IVF

Although egg donors don’t get paid, you are compensated for your time, commitment and expenses, receiving £750 per donation cycle. If you need IVF yourself, instead of altruistic egg donation and £750 compensation you can opt for egg-sharing. This is where you receive a subsidised cycle of IVF with us in return for donating some of the eggs we collect – not being used in your own treatment - to our donor programme. Egg-sharing is a way for us to help women who need donors eggs, and women who need private IVF at the same time.

Personal care and support

Our dedicated Donation Team ensures your egg donation process is convenient, stress-free and seamless for you, with personal support at every stage including detailed implications counselling, to ensure you understand exactly what becoming an egg donor really means. Our outstanding donor care is why we were named the UK’s first ever Centre of Excellence by the National Gamete Donation Trust. The award recognised the quality care and processes we have in place from the moment you apply to egg donation and beyond.

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