Why Are Egg Donors in Demand?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Thinking about becoming an egg donor? Then you’re probably also wondering who might want to use your donated eggs to have a baby.

Women need donor eggs for lots of different reasons. These include:

Age-related infertility: More women than ever are waiting until later in life to have a baby. For some women, especially those in their early to mid 40s, using donor eggs in fertility treatment can offer a higher chance of pregnancy than trying to use their own. Age-related infertility is due to the natural decline in egg quality as a woman ages – it’s why you must be aged 18-35 to donate eggs to us.

Diagnosed conditions: Conditions such as Premature Ovarian Failure, when normal ovarian function stops, and Premature Menopause may mean a woman’s only chance of pregnancy is to use donor eggs. These conditions are often diagnosed when a woman is young, her natural fertility should be at its peak but she’s unable to get pregnant naturally and is relying on an egg donor to have a family.

Medical treatment: Some women are left infertile by medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Although some women choose to try to preserve fertility by freezing eggs beforehand, it’s not always successful and so using donor eggs provides the chance of a family.

Donor eggs appear to be in such demand now in the UK because more women are coming forward to seek help to have a baby. The varied reasons for using donor eggs have always been there, but before the treatment became possible, infertile women had to simply accept that they couldn’t have children.

Now, there are treatments to help. Even in the most severe cases, a woman still has the hope of her own child thanks to egg donors. We can even provide a choice of egg donors, so she can choose the donor characteristics that she most resembles if she wishes to.

And the great news is that success rates for donor eggs IVF are increasing as science advances. At Manchester Fertility, our expertise, technologies and innovations mean that almost 40% of women who use eggs from our Manchester Donors egg donors get pregnant.

There’s nothing better for our team than receiving the happy news from a patient that their baby is born, especially when it’s accompanied by a message of thanks for their ‘generous donor’ who made it all possible.

If you’d like to give the hope of a baby, apply online to join Manchester Donors. Read more about the egg donation process, our FAQs and extended FAQs blogs that answer your common questions about egg donation. You can also contact our friendly team on 0161 300 2730.



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