Egg Donation Questions & Answers with the Manchester Donors Team

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

We receive lots of messages on our social media channels from people that would love to help people to have a family by donating their eggs.

So we thought it would be a good idea to collate some of your most common FAQs and comments in a blog. That can help to answer some of those key questions you have if you’re considering being an egg donor, or are just curious about what it involves.

Have a look through these latest questions answered by our Donation Team. If you do have  a question of your own, we’re always happy to help you can start your journey online here online application form or call us on 0161 300 2734.

“Do I have to pay to donate eggs?”

No, you don’t pay anything at all. This question comes up from time to time as some women think that there’s a cost involved when you donate eggs.

Everything you need for your egg donation cycle is covered by us. You also receive £750 compensation after your egg donation cycle is completed, to cover your time and expenses. So there’s absolutely no cost or financial outlay involved for you.

“Do you take lots of eggs in one go?”

There’s a common misconception that egg donation means taking as many eggs as we possibly can. But we don’t do this at Manchester Donors.

Your egg donation cycle is focused on egg quality, not quantity, and your health and wellbeing. We don’t use high stimulation medications as although these might make you produce lots of eggs, what’s more important is the health risks involved in using a high stimulation protocol.

“Why does it matter if I smoke or have a high BMI? I have children so know my eggs are good.”

The reason we ask that you don’t smoke and also have a normal range BMI is because it’s all about safeguarding your health and giving your egg recipient the best chance of pregnancy.

Smoking and weight are two of the biggest things that impact your fertility and egg quality, including how you might respond to the ovarian stimulation that’s needed for egg donation.

And donated eggs need to be good quality to begin with, to produce the good embryos that can develop into a healthy pregnancy for your recipient. So that’s why we have these criteria in place, for your benefit and the benefit of the woman you’ll be helping to have a baby.

“How do you prepare donors for donation? Especially the fact that we’re helping to create a child for someone else?”

The emotional impact of egg donation for our donors is one of our biggest focuses at Manchester Donors. We’ll help you think through what this means to you as part of your pre-donation counselling, including the impact on your wider family such as parents, your partner or existing children and how they might feel too.

Counselling happens way before egg donation does, and it’s designed to explain all the implications of being an egg donor to you, now and in the future, so you can decide if it’s really right for you before you consent. 

What’s most important to us is that when you do donate, you’re fully informed, happy and prepared, so it’s the rewarding experience it should be.

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