Q&A: What Happens After Egg Donation?

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

You’ve donated your eggs – what happens now? Lots of women have questions not just about the donation process and how egg donation works, but what happens after it.

So our Donation Team has answered your top 5 questions, all about egg donation aftercare, future fertility, follow-up and support. Which you may find helpful if you’re researching egg donation and whether it’s right for you.

Remember we’re always here to help when it comes to making the decision about donating eggs, so do get in touch with us if you ever have any questions.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know - so you can look forward to an informed and exciting egg donation journey!

Can I still have a baby in future if I donate my eggs?

Yes, there’s no evidence that egg donation harms your future fertility.

Your egg supply won’t be affected either. Some women believe that egg donation means less eggs for their own pregnancy chances. But this isn’t the case, and here’s why: In a typical monthly cycle, a number of eggs start to grow and mature, but only one egg reaches maturity and is released for pregnancy. The rest are absorbed by the body.

For egg donation, we use fertility hormones to mature all the eggs that start to grow naturally in that one cycle, effectively making use of eggs that would otherwise be absorbed.

Could my fertility be affected by egg donation medications?

Egg donation uses the same fertility medications as IVF, which are proven to be safe.

The hormones we use to stimulate mature egg growth are the same as the ones your body naturally produces. The medication dosage is always individualised to you, taking into account your own hormone levels, for a safe response.

What can I expect after egg retrieval? Are there any physical effects?

Recovery after egg collection is usually quick. Some women experience mild cramping or spotting following egg recovery, which is quite normal. Our nurses will advise on what you can expect and any symptoms to be aware of. You’ll be given our contact numbers for advice and help anytime you need it.

Will I have a follow-up after my donation?

Yes, we’ll keep in touch with you in the days after your donation to make sure that you’re well. Donor aftercare is an important part of the egg donation process – our care doesn’t end after egg collection!

Can I go back to work straight away after egg donation?

Many of our donors are back to their normal routine within a day or so. You might wish to take the time to rest and relax straight after your egg collection – you’ve just done an amazing act of kindness! Listen to your body and read through the discharge instructions we give to you, which includes things like avoiding vigorous exercise. If you need our advice, we’re only just a phone call away.

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