Egg Donation: Why Every Woman Should Consider Becoming an Egg Donor

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

If you’re aged 18-35, you could give the ultimate gift and become an egg donor. We’re urging all healthy young women to consider egg donation – the demand for donor eggs is rising in the UK, but donor numbers aren’t increasing at the same rate.

It means that many women are having to join long waiting lists instead of planning for their new arrival, with no hope in the near future of having a baby as many fertility clinics in the UK do not have their own successful egg donation scheme.

Here’s why you should become a Manchester Donors egg donor and consider donating your eggs to our programme:

Award-winning egg donation programme: We were the first fertility clinic in the UK to be awarded Centre of Excellence status by the National Gamete Donation Trust. We received the accolade in recognition of the highest standards of personal care we give to all of our egg donors, and the dignity and respect with which they are treated by our team at every stage.

Dedicated & personal support: Our dedicated Donation Team supports you throughout the egg donation process. Keeping you informed every step of the way, along with our clinic team they ensure your donation is a stress-free experience, designed with your needs in mind.

Your wellbeing, our priority: The health of our egg donors is at the forefront of everything we do. From tailored ovarian stimulation using the minimal doses of fertility drugs to individual monitoring through blood tests and ultrasound scans, we’ll keep a close eye on your wellbeing. We’ll be able to tell early on in the process if you are at an increased risk of any side-effects, and will tailor your donation protocol to minimise any risk with comprehensive aftercare support.

Counselling: All of our egg donors receive extensive counselling at the start of the donation journey. This is to ensure you’re aware of your rights and understand the implications of being an egg donor before you go any further, so you can proceed with the donation process comfortably and with confidence.

Repeat egg donors: Many of our egg donors donate to us not just once, but twice. ‘I can’t wait to do it again’ and ‘thank you for the wonderful experience’ are just some of the comments we receive from our egg donors. We believe our egg donors are special and generous individuals – you are never just ‘another’ egg donor to our team – you are making dreams of a family a reality for our patients.

Egg donation success: As a Manchester Donors egg donor, you can find out if your donated eggs have been used successfully by your recipient, including the year the baby was born and its gender. You’ll also receive £750 compensation per donation cycle, to cover you for any expenses incurred by being an egg donor.

Become an egg donor: Apply online

If you’d like to join the many women who have chosen us as their egg donation clinic, you can apply online to be a Manchester Donors egg donor – with no obligation. We will review your application as soon as it comes in, and get back to you about the next stage.


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