Everything You Need to Know About Your Egg Retrieval

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

If you've been considering egg donation but feel a little anxious about the egg retrieval process, such as how it's done or what it feels like, then you have no need to worry! Our expert egg donation team has pulled together this list of everything you need to know about the egg retrieval process. That way, you can be prepared for anything and feel confident and reassured in your donation.

What is an egg retrieval?

Let's start by explaining what an egg retrieval, or egg collection, is. The egg retrieval procedure is one of the final steps in your donation journey. During the procedure, one of our expert consultants uses ultrasound guidance to extract eggs directly from the follicles in your ovaries. Your eggs are then taken straight to our state-of-the-art laboratory to be prepared for future fertility treatments! By the time you're ready for your egg collection, you'll already be familiar with the team and the clinic - so you'll know exactly who and what to expect when you arrive on the day.

What happens before my egg retrieval?

When you apply to become an egg donor there are a few steps you must go through before you get the all clear. This starts with an initial telephone consultation, in which our donation team explain the process to you in detail and answer any questions you may have. They’ll also book in your tests and screenings – which ensure you’re healthy and ready to donate!

You’ll receive implications counselling, where one of our expert counsellors will walk you through the legal aspects of the egg donation process. Many donors feel that the counselling we offer helps them through the process. Learn more about why we offer counselling during your egg donation on our blog.

Once your counselling and screening tests are done, you’ll move into the monitoring part of your donation journey. This is where we use ultrasound scans to monitor your ovaries and, in some cases, blood tests to ensure you’re ready to proceed with your donation.

Finally, before your egg retrieval, you'll have a ‘trigger injection’ that helps your eggs to mature and ensures your ready for the final steps of the process!

Will I be awake for the procedure? 

We’ll administer a sedative to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your egg retrieval. Your condition will be closely monitored by a registered anaesthetist and our expert clinical team. You won’t feel anything throughout the procedure and afterward you’ll be given time to recover in our dedicated ward. Although some donors do feel ready to resume their daily activities, once we’re sure you’re in a condition to leave, we encourage you to head home for some rest.

What does the egg retrieval procedure feel like? 

The good news is that our donors respond well to egg retrieval. Before the procedure, you will receive general anaesthetic to ensure you're as comfortable as possible. 

After the anaesthetic takes effect, you won’t be able to feel anything as you will ‘under’ for the entire procedure.

Rest assured; we will do our utmost to ensure this part of the process is as comfortable as possible for you. You'll be in expert hands throughout the entire process, and our nurses will be available to provide advice and emotional support if needed.

What happens after the egg retrieval? 

After your egg retrieval, you'll be taken to our private ward by our expert nursing team - they'll ensure your recovery goes smoothly.

Once the anaesthetic wears off, you'll be ready for discharge. You won't be able to drive for around 24 hours after the procedure, so you'll want to arrange for someone to collect you from the clinic in advance, whether it be a trusted friend or family member to accompany you home.

What will my recovery be like?

Some donors feel well enough to work the same day as their egg retrieval, while others prefer a little time to recover at home. Don't worry if you need a day or so to fully recuperate, as your reaction to treatment may differ slightly from someone else’s. 

When you’re discharged, you’ll be given our contact information, including our out-of-hours number in case of emergencies. If you need support or advice following the procedure, the dedicated egg donation team are only a phone call away and will be able to discuss any concerns or answer any questions you may have.

Here at Manchester Donors, we see first-hand the difference our donors make to people’s lives. By choosing to donate their eggs, they help countless people complete their families every year. As such, we’re happy to ensure they have all the support they need to make the donation process as smooth as possible. This includes exploring every part of the egg donor journey in detail, so potential donors can access all the helpful advice they need. If you'd like more information on the egg donation process, visit our egg donor FAQs today.

If you’re ready to begin your donation journey apply online today, or contact Steph and Olivia from our dedicated donation team on 0161 300 2734 for more advice on your next steps.


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