The Gift of Egg Donation: What You're Really Giving

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

When you donate eggs, you’re donating hope to someone else. As an egg donor, you’re only donating the biological means to have a baby, to someone who can’t conceive naturally themselves.

Egg donors: Helping couples conceive

If a couple uses your eggs, you’re giving them the chance to have a baby together. Treatment with donor eggs allows a woman to give birth to a baby she shares with her partner in every sense, and for her partner to have a biological child.

Donating eggs to single women

Single women use donated eggs too, together with donor sperm to help them have a baby on their own. At Manchester Fertility, we offer donor eggs and donor sperm with no waiting list, ensuring your donated eggs can be used straight away.

Why egg donors are needed

There are many reasons why a couple or single woman may need an egg donor, including:

  • Premature Menopause – when menopause happens earlier than it should
  • Premature Ovarian Failure – when ovarian function stops
  • Infertility caused by cancer treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Age-related infertility caused by a woman’s age – donor eggs are often used by women in their mid-40s

Safe egg donation with Manchester Donors

At Manchester Donors we prioritise and safeguard your fertility health through careful, tailored and safe egg donation protocols, using the same fertility drugs as IVF patients.

Our exceptional egg donor care is why many women choose to donate eggs to us more than once, and why we’re one of the only egg donor programmes in the UK to be awarded National Gamete Donation Trust Centre of Excellence status.

Want to help? Donate eggs with Manchester Donors

If you’re aged 18-35, a non-smoker and in good health you could be an egg donor.

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