The Six Easy Steps of Egg Donation

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

How long does egg donation take? And what does it involve? There are actually just six basic steps to donating your eggs, which takes around three months.

Here’s a simple overview of the process:

 STEP 1 - Implications appointment

Your implications appointment involves your initial screening tests, including a nicotine test, STI test and AMH blood test that checks your ovarian reserve. These first tests are needed to help us assess your suitability to be an egg donor and what doses of medications you need.

STEP 2 – Counselling

You will talk to one of our counsellors, usually over Skype for your convenience, to discuss the implications of egg donation now and in the future, not just for you but for your family too. It is important that you understand what egg donation involves, so you can give your informed consent.

STEP 3 – Consultation

Next you will see one of our fertility specialists, to plan out your egg donation cycle, your medications and go through your family medical history, as far back as grandparents. This is so we can check that there is no history of genetic or hereditary conditions.

You will also have more blood tests and an ultrasound scan to check your ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

STEP 4 – Prep appointment

We can now begin the process of egg donation. It starts by stimulating your ovaries using specific doses of fertility medications that are tailored to you.

Our fertility nurses will teach you how to self-administer your medication over the coming days. You will be carefully monitored, so we can check you are responding safely and your eggs are maturing well. This process can take around two weeks.

STEP 5 – Egg collection

Once your eggs reach a specific growth stage, it is time for egg collection. This is when you find out how many eggs you will be donating.

It is a simple procedure carried out in our clinic theatre under a local anaesthetic and oral sedation. You will be supported by our theatre team and Fertility Nurses during egg collection and post-donation, to make sure you are feeling well.

Your egg donation cycle is now complete, and you will receive £750 compensation to cover your time and expenses. As a donor you can find out if your eggs resulted in pregnancy for your recipient, the year of the baby’s birth and its gender.

STEP 6 – Final screening

If your donated eggs are not being used by a patient straight away, they will be stored in our frozen egg bank for use at a later date. You will need to return to our clinic three months after your egg collection for final screening tests.

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