Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Egg Donation

28th September 2023 in Egg Donation

Egg donation is a life-changing act that offers individuals and couples the chance to build a family. Although more people are considering the generous gift of egg donation, thereâ...

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The Impact of Age of Egg Donation: What You Need to Know

11th June 2023 in Egg Donation

Here at Manchester Donors, we have supported donors through the process of donating eggs for more than 35 years. We're proud of our work and always grateful to those who want to in...

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How Egg Donation Helps LGBT+ Families

25th May 2023 in Egg Donation, News

This year, in honour of LGBT+ History Month, we wanted to celebrate the way egg donation, and our incredible donors, impact the lives of LGBT+ people. While also sharing helpful in...

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What to Expect During Egg Donation

24th May 2023 in Egg Donation, General

If you’re considering becoming an egg donor, you may want more information on what to expect before you submit an application. From the exact steps you'll follow on your journey ...

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Top Tips for Completing Your Family Medical History

15th May 2023 in Egg Donation, General

You share more than your home with your family - you share DNA, behaviours, habits and sometimes medical conditions. A family medical history is a record of you and your close rela...

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Everything You Need to Know About Donor Anonymity - IDCAD 2023

27th April 2023 in News

In October 2023, the UK will see the first wave of donor-conceived people accessing specific, identifiable information about the donor involved in their conception since the change...

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