Make Egg Donation Your New Year’s Resolution

22nd December 2022 in Egg Donation, General

A New Year’s resolution is an incentive for many to change their lifestyle for the better. Each year countless people commit to improving their diet, exercising more, quitting sm...

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Why Egg Donors Must Be Smoke and Nicotine Free

8th November 2022 in Egg Donation

Many women who want to donate eggs with us meet our criteria, such as being in good health and falling into the right age bracket. But ultimately find they can't donate eggs after ...

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Manchester Donors Supports National Fertility Awareness Week 2022

27th October 2022 in Egg Donation, Fertility, General, News

This week is National Fertility Awareness Week. As one of the country's leading egg donation clinics, the team here at Manchester Donors sees first-hand how treatment with donor eg...

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5 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor

17th October 2022 in Egg Donation

Here at Manchester Donors, we understand that every egg donor is different. After all, we've supported women through the egg donation process for over 35 years. Egg donation is a d...

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Six Common Reasons Why You Can't Donate Eggs

16th October 2022 in Egg Donation

UK egg donors are in demand. However, not all women who apply to Manchester Donors are suitable to be egg donors. We'd love to say that anyone can donate -but as we ensure our r...

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Who Can Be an Egg Donor?

5th October 2022 in Egg Donation

Who can be an egg donor? We'd love to be able to say: anyone can! However, to ensure eggs are suitable for fertility treatment, there are specific criteria donors are asked to meet...

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