Make Egg Donation Your New Year’s Resolution

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

A New Year’s resolution is an incentive for many to change their lifestyle for the better. Each year countless people commit to improving their diet, exercising more, quitting smoking or even partaking in charitable work in January.  But did you know the most popular resolutions are actually things we look for in a potential egg donor? Learn more about how your resolution and our donation criteria work hand-in-hand and why you should consider donating your eggs in 2023.

Improve Your Health

There’s no shame in indulging over the festive period. After all, moderation is the key to any healthy diet! But if the sudden rush of Christmas dinners, mince pies and cheese boards galore has left you feeling a little worse for wear – you might be thinking New Year, new you. And, if you have been considering joining our egg donor programme now is the perfect time to focus on eating well and exercising ahead of your donation!

At Manchester Donors, we follow HFEA’s guidance, and use the body mass index (BMI) as a way of measuring if potential donors are a healthy. The egg donation process involves the use of hormonal medication so in order to care for our donors, we need them to have a BMI between 18-35. Having a BMI in this range helps to ensure your wellbeing throughout the donation process.

We know a lower weight isn’t always the indicator of a healthy body. As such, we recommend working toward a combination of a healthy diet and moderate exercise to improve your overall health and well-being.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions of all. Not only does it negatively impact your overall health, but smoking can also affect your natural fertility in many ways, from your ability to conceive to egg quality, ovarian reserve and even how soon you start menopause.

Our donors donate their eggs so that others can use them in future fertility treatments. As such, we want our recipient patients to have the best possible chance of success and nicotine has been proven to have an adverse effect on egg quality. This is why we ask our donors be smoke-free, including vapes and second-hand smoke and products containing nicotine, for at least three months before starting the process. That means if you are ready to quit smoking, you could be well on your way to donating your eggs and helping someone in need.

Giving to Others

If your New Year’s resolution is to give back and help others in need, then you’re in luck! Here at Manchester Donors, we consider egg donation a truly generous act of kindness as many of our donors start their journey because they want to help someone else. The reasons for this can vary, perhaps they simply want to share the joy of starting a family or maybe a loved one, has been personally affected by fertility issues in the past.

As the NHS estimates that 1 in 7 heterosexual couples in the UK face issues conceiving, a staggering figure that doesn’t account for the needs of same-sex couples and single parents, we understand that egg donation is selfless and invaluable . If you’re thinking of giving back - why not consider helping someone else start their family as your good deed for the year ahead?

Take Control of Your Sexual Health

Your sexual health is as important as your physical and mental well-being. Practicing safe sex, making sure you undergo regular sexual health checks and, if you’re over 25, attending your regular cervical screening with the NHS are all key parts of maintaining your health. If you’re having sex regularly, make sure you’re using a viable contraceptive unless you’re actively trying to conceive. If you’ve recently had a baby, we ask you wait at least six months before starting the donation process.

By following these guidelines, the egg donation process can be as simple, straightforward and stress-free as possible!

You can find a sexual health clinic local to you on the NHS website, here. Or, for more advice on sexual health, visit the NHS guide to sexual health services.

Why Should I Donate My Eggs in 2023?

Here at Manchester Donors, we understand that every egg donor is different. After all, we've supported women through the egg donation process for over 35 years. Egg donation is a deeply personal choice and as such, your reasons for donating may differ from someone else.

For some, egg donation is the most compassionate expression of kindness. For many donors, starting a family may not be in their immediate future; therefore, they choose to donate to help another person complete theirs.

Knowing you helped someone in need can be such a rewarding feeling. This can feel even more special when someone you know, such as a relative or a close friend, has undergone treatment using donor eggs. We’re know that every recipient appreciates the time and compassion our donors make to give such a meaningful gift.

We would be overjoyed if you made 2023 the year to donate your eggs, as we need people just like you, to take the first step toward helping someone else.

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