New Egg Donation FAQs: We Answer Your Egg Donor Questions

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

We love receiving and responding to all your messages and queries about egg donation. Here are some of your latest questions, answered by our Donation Team.

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I have the contraceptive implant – can I be an egg donor?

Yes, but you will need to have the implant removed to be able to donate eggs. It will need to be removed before your initial screening tests, so we can accurately assess your fertility and ovulation. During egg donation, you’ll be able to use barrier contraception instead.

I have been sterilised – can I still donate eggs?

Yes, as you are still ovulating.  It’s only the tubes that are clipped, which won’t interfere with egg collection.

What is the recovery time after egg donation?

You will be able to continue your normal routine after egg collection, but you may wish to rest and take it easy. Some women choose to take a day or two off work, but it’s not essential. Our Fertility Nurses will advise what to do when you’re discharged, and what you can expect, so you can decide what is best for you.

Is there a BMI limit for egg donation?

Yes, you need to have a BMI within the range of 19-29. Your weight and BMI can affect your fertility and also how you respond to the medications we use for ovarian stimulation. BMI limits safeguard your health and ensure a safe egg donation journey for you, and quality eggs for donation.

Why is there an age limit to be an egg donor?

HFEA regulations limit the age of egg donors in the UK to 35. This is because fertility generally declines after this age. Eggs donated by an older woman above the age of 35 would be much less likely to result in successful treatment, pregnancy and birth for someone having donor eggs IVF.  

Do I have to have a smear test to be an egg donor?

We perform a smear test as part of your routine health screening when you apply, to ensure we have an up to date result. You don’t need to have had a test before.

I want to have a baby with my partner – can we use my partner’s eggs and I carry the baby?

Yes – this is called IVF Partners, or Shared or Reciprocal Motherhood. Your partner will  effectively be donating her eggs to you, which will be used for IVF treatment with donor sperm. If you wish to, and you meet egg donation criteria, you can choose to egg share and donate eggs to Manchester Donors at the same time to help other women. You’d receive reduced-rate IVF in return.

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