Why Be An Egg Donor? Great Reasons to Donate Eggs

Why do so many women decide to donate eggs to help a stranger conceive a baby? Especially as it’s a process that takes a lot of time and commitment, and has long-lasting implications.

Here’s why increasing numbers of women are joining Manchester Donors and choosing to give the most personal gift of all:

Donating eggs for pregnancy success

Through our advanced fertility treatments and techniques, we do everything we can to ensure your eggs result in pregnancy for recipient patients. Our donor egg recipient pregnancy rates are amongst the strongest in the UK. Our clinical pregnancy rate - fresh cycle by embryo transfer - is around 40% for women aged 40-42 and a 33% for older women up to the age of 50 who use our donor eggs. Our success rates are consistently high thanks to our tailored, personalised and patient-focused approach to fertility care.

Donating eggs through empathy and compassion

Many of our egg donors are going through fertility struggles themselves and need IVF. They understand first-hand what it’s like to need help to have a child, and so want to help someone else achieve parenthood if they can. Donating eggs in this way is through egg-sharing, where our IVF patients donate some of their own eggs retrieved during their cycle to our programme, receiving subsidised treatment.

Donating eggs for a sense of achievement and pride

Our egg donors tell us there’s no greater feeling than learning someone’s become a parent with their help. Many people struggle for years to have a family, only to learn eventually that they can’t conceive and need the help of an egg donor. By providing donor eggs, you’re genuinely changing their lives, as well as bringing new lives into the world. You’re also learning about your own fertility health. The screening process involves us testing your fertility, including your ovarian reserve, to make sure you’re suitable to be an egg donor.

Donating eggs through responsible egg donation

At Manchester Donors we’re passionate about responsible egg donation. This means that your health and your needs always come first. We make sure your egg donation experience is safe and supported. You’ll never find high stimulation protocols that put you at risk of potentially serious side-effects such as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. We’re interested in egg quality – not quantity – and this means we use the minimal doses of fertility drugs tailored to you to ensure a safe response, with every stage of your journey under consultant-led care.

Donating eggs with the reassurance of support and care

We’re the only National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) Centre of Excellence in the North. This is your reassurance of outstanding personal care and support every step of the way. From our dedicated donation team to our fertility consultants and professional counsellors, we’ll make sure you’re informed and prepared for your egg donation journey, and all its implications now and in the future, so you can donate with confidence.

Donating eggs at no cost to you

Clinics aren’t allowed to pay for donor eggs in the UK, but donating eggs altruistically shouldn’t involve costs for you. So all altruistic egg donors receive £750 compensation per donation cycle. This isn’t payment for your eggs but money to cover any expenses associated with your act of egg donation, such as travel time, fuel costs or time off work.

Donate eggs to Manchester Donors

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