At the Clinic for Egg Donation: Who You'll Meet & Who's Involved

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

At Manchester Donors we’re renowned for our exceptional and award-winning donor care. Our entire clinic team works together to make sure your egg donation experience is the best it can be, from the moment you apply.

Here’s a quick overview of who you’ll meet when you come to our Cheshire clinic for egg donation, and who’s involved in your journey:

Donation Team: Donor Programme Assistants

Our dedicated Donation Team are the people who directly support our egg donors. Our Donor Programme Assistants co-ordinate all your appointments at the clinic, welcoming and supporting you and answering any questions you have.

Fertility consultant

All our egg donors receive consultant-led care, which means every aspect of your donation journey, in particular ovarian stimulation, is planned by one of our specialist fertility doctors. You’ll see your fertility specialist at our clinic to talk through your family history and have any tests you need.


Counselling is vital for egg donors to ensure you’re making the right decision to donate. You can see our counsellors either over Skype or personally at our clinic – the choice is yours.

Egg donor nurse co-ordinator

Our egg donor nurse co-ordinators will go through all your egg donor paperwork with you, including your consent forms. They’ll also prepare your personal fertility medication schedule for safe ovarian stimulation, teaching you how to safely administer your medications yourself.

Fertility nurses

Our fertility nurses take care of you on the day of your egg collection, when we retrieve your eggs for donation. They’ll look after you on our private ward, making sure that you’re happy and well at all times and giving you full instructions for when you go home. We’ll also follow up with you in the days after egg collection to check you’re ok.

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