Calling UK Women: We Need You to be Egg Donors

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Why are egg donors in such demand by UK IVF clinics? For many women with infertility, a UK egg donor is their number one preference to have a baby, compared to importing donor eggs or going abroad for treatment.

Here are a few reasons why:

UK egg donors are identifiable

When you donate eggs you are identifiable to the child you helped to be born. They can find out who you are when they reach the age of 18, if they wish to know.

This means a great deal not just to the donor-conceived person but to their parents too. Giving their child the opportunity to know who their donor is can really help when it comes to explaining genetic origins.

And it also means a lot to donors too, as there is the potential for future contact. Being identifiable does not mean that you are considered the child’s mother or have any legal obligations however.

UK egg donors are health screened

Did you know that the UK is one of the most strictly regulated countries in the world for egg donation? The health of egg donors matters, to give people who need donor eggs the best chance of pregnancy and a healthy baby.

That is why you must meet specific criteria to be eligible for egg donation, including health requirements, BMI and age limits and family medical history checks.

Egg donors from other countries may not be subject to such rigorous screening and checking.

UK egg donors have family limits and are compensated

Egg donors in the UK are generous, selfless and compassionate women who are motivated to donate to help others have a family.

Women in the UK do not receive payment for eggs but expenses compensation of £750 per cycle. Egg donor care is paramount -  you are limited to creating 10 separate families only and are not required to donate eggs more than once.

Donor care and support

UK egg donors also understand the implications of egg donation now and in the future, through the mandatory counselling that we give you as part of the process. Someone can use your donated eggs with the knowledge that you have been supported in your decision to donate and understand exactly what it involves.

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