Meet Our Team: Egg Donor Support

Did you know that when you donate eggs with Manchester Donors, a cross-clinic team including doctors, nurses and counsellors are involved in your care?

Our team works together to make your donation experience the best it can be. When you become an egg donor, you receive all the personal care and support that goes with it.

Our egg donor team includes:

Dedicated Donation Team

Our Donation Team is a team of clinic staff who solely support our egg donors and recipient patients. They include Donor Programme Co-ordinators, Healthcare Assistants and nurses. Our Donation Team reviews egg donor applications, meets with potential donors for an informal chat and co-ordinates your appointments once you join our egg donor programme.

In-clinic Fertility Nurses

Our Fertility Nurses provide personal care during egg donor procedures and screening tests. They are by your side at egg collection and post recovery, ensuring you are well. Our Fertility Nurses are highly experienced, qualified nurses, who have many years of expertise.


Your egg donation cycle is personally planned and tailored to you by one of our fertility doctors, to ensure a good ovarian response and donation outcome. You will meet with a doctor to talk through your medical history.


You are also supported by our Counsellors. Counselling is an essential and mandatory part of egg donation. It is required to ensure that you completely understand the implications of donating your eggs, before you consent. Our friendly and helpful counsellors will discuss what being an egg donor means for you and answer any questions you have.

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