Egg Donation Manchester: New City Centre Clinic

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

We have great news if you want to be an egg donor and live in or around Manchester - our egg donor programme has expanded into the city centre.

Centrally located just off Oxford Road, our new Manchester egg donor clinic at Citylabs, Nelson Street, offers convenient egg donation to women who live or work in the city.

Easy to find and easily accessible via public transport, it is close to the University and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust hospitals.

Benefits of Manchester egg donation clinic

When you become an egg donor, all the initial parts of your donation cycle – such as your health screening and testing - can be carried out at our new Manchester clinic.

You will only need to travel to our main Cheshire clinic in Cheadle for the parts of your cycle that are HFEA licensed, such as egg collection. This means that your travel is minimised, making egg donation as convenient as possible for you.

You will be fully taken care of and supported by a dedicated team in Manchester, including our Healthcare Assistant Feebie Potts.

Feebie is one of the first people you meet with. She can answer any of your questions and will explain exactly what egg donation involves, supporting you through the early stages and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Why donate eggs?

Donating eggs is one of the most rewarding, personal and special things that women can do for each other.

By donating your eggs, you are giving the hope of a baby to a woman who is unable to conceive, typically because of age-related infertility, medical conditions such as premature menopause or because of previous medical treatment like chemotherapy.

You will get to write your own personal pen picture, which is a profile about you that helps a woman who needs donor eggs to decide if you are the right donor for her. You can write about your hobbies and interests, your career, outlook on life and your own family. Nothing is included that identifies you – egg donation is anonymous between donor and recipient.

You can choose to find out if your donated eggs result in pregnancy for your recipient, and then later on the child’s gender and date of birth.

Your details are kept on a special central Register, so that the child you helped to be born can find out who you are when they turn 18, if they wish to know. You also receive £750 expenses and time compensation.

Egg donor eligibility

If you wish to donate eggs, you do need to meet certain criteria, which includes: 

  • Having a normal range BMI of between 19-29. Check your BMI here.
  • Being aged 18-35
  • Being a non-smoker – or have quit at least three months before applying
  • Having no known history of genetic or hereditary conditions in your family

Learn more about egg donation with Manchester Donors

Explore the different steps of a typical egg donation cycle and read our egg donor FAQs.

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If you are ready to apply, complete our simple no-obligation online application form and we will be in touch.


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