Helping You Help Others: All About Our Egg Donor Support

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices.

Egg donation should always be a rewarding experience for our donors. That’s why you will receive practical and emotional support that goes far beyond mandatory counselling, when you donate eggs with us.

Our level of donor care is what makes Manchester Donors stand out. We are here for you long after the completion of your donation cycle, whether you are a current or previous donor.

Here is an overview of the exceptional support you will receive when you donate eggs to Manchester Donors:

Application and information support: Thinking of becoming an egg donor? We are available to answer any questions you have and can send you all the information you need at this early stage. Just call us or send us a direct message on our Manchester Donors Facebook page or through our Instagram. Our online egg donor application form is quick, easy and straightforward to complete.

Making the decision support: We will help you decide if egg donation is right for you, with no pressure or obligation. You will have professional counselling, before you consent to donate your eggs. It’s all part of our thorough process that makes sure you fully understand what egg donation means for you, your own family, your egg recipient and any child that is born.

Process support: The egg donation process can take a number of weeks. We will keep you informed about the progress of your donation cycle, what happens next and what you need to do. Therefore, you always know where you are up to and can plan accordingly.

Emotional support: Egg donation can be a very emotional experience, because it is such an amazing yet personal thing to do. If you are donating in a fresh cycle, you will already know that you have been chosen as someone’s donor, which can have even greater significance. We are here to support, listen and reassure.

Post-donation support: Post donation support involves much more than just aftercare with our fertility nurses. We can tell you if your donated eggs have resulted in pregnancy for your recipient, if you wish to know. As the egg donor, you also have the right to find out if a baby is born, the year of birth and the baby’s gender.

Urgent support: Got a question? Need urgent advice? After donation, you will also have our emergency 24/7 contact details, so you can get in touch with us out of hours. If it is important to you, then it matters to us too.

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